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Living room gallery wall



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The living room is a unique place in every home, being its visiting card, so it deserves a unique decoration. At bimago, by offering an original collection of living room gallery wall ideas, we meet such ambitious challenges which will allow you to create an eye-catching wall composition. Our posters have been selected in terms of colours and themes, thanks to which they will allow you to create a coherent arrangement. Discover our inspiring collection and personalize your space by creating your own gallery wall for your living room!

Photo wall ideas for living room

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our designers are perfectly aware of this fact and came up with a photo wall for living room. The choice of photos in bimago's collection is so vast that you will undoubtedly find the perfect picture for your personal space. Animals, landscapes and flowers will make just as good wall decor as abstract images which are virtually universal – perfect for a gallery behind sofa as well as a hallway or kitchen. You can find even pictures of planets – when arranged in a set of three they create a one-of-a-kind piece of wall decor. One thing is certain, when you place a set of framed posters your interior will benefit by optically becoming more spacious. Even the compact spaces can benefit this way – on our website you will find a variety of sizes of the stylish posters.

Living room gallery wall ideas

When you open your mind to art you can transform your entire life. Introduce a gallery wall living room to your personal space and you will smile each and every time you lay your eyes on it. A great idea is surrounding your TV set with a TV gallery wall from our collection and making it something more than only the motion pictures that are emitted from the set. For your living room we have a rich choice of motivational quotes and energising images that will introduce a breath of fresh air and energy to your interior in the blink of an eye. The posters are lightweight, they can be placed on the wall with the simple mounting strips so you don't have to make unnecessary holes in your walls. The multi-part nature of the sets gives you the freedom to arrange them any way you wish. When you organise them in a neat line or square the interior will gain an ordered, tidy feel. On the other hand when you decide to place them in a slanting manner or you decide to choose different sizes of posters and place them asymmetrically you get a one of a kind piece of wall decor that will momentarily change your space from dull to intriguing.