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Dreaming of an interior that will remind you of distant corners of the world? The collection of mosaic wallpapers from bimago is a carefully selected collection of wallpapers that will enchant lovers of patterned walls and fans of Greek and Moroccan accents in the interiors! Mosaic wallpapers are imitations of classic, smaller tiles, multicoloured compositions as well as kaleidoscope-inspired mosaics. Mosaic wallpapers are ideal for the dining room and kitchen, but also as an oriental accent in the bedroom or living room.

Mosaic wallpapers

Mosaic is one of these trends that will certainly not go out of style so quickly. We've decided to make the best out of it and created a category full of these motifs. Mosaic wallpapers are extremely popular and often chosen by the customers of our store. However, nothing is surprising about this. They are not only trendy but also exceptionally elegant. What's more, mosaic wallpaper looks great in all parts of a house. One of the most popular choices is a mosaic kitchen wallpaper that can enrich any interior design. It makes the space look more aesthetic and it encourages you to stay a little longer inside. Of course, we also have products for other interiors, such as a golden mosaic tile wallpaper for a living room. With our little help, you will spectacularly decorate your bedroom and even your child's room or home office.

Mosaic wallpaper for a kitchen

Why is mosaic tile effect wallpaper so frequently used in kitchens? The answer is not difficult. Mosaic is very decorative and enlivens the space. You don't have to think about matching other accessories to make the room look pretty and inviting. In our collection, we have many patterns in different colour palettes. You will quickly find an elegant motif for your kitchen, no matter the style it was designed in. Mosaic wallpapers are also solid. They are not negatively influenced by sun rays that could make the colours fade. Every mosaic tile wallpaper for a kitchen is made with a UV-safe print. It needs to be stressed that the installation is not troublesome or tiring. A renovation has never been so easy, you only need to find out! The effect that you can achieve with our wall decorations will make you satisfied for years, we guarantee that.

Gold mosaic wallpaper

Many people are wondering which interiors are suitable for a mosaic tile effect wallpaper. It turns out that such motifs are almost universal. They are often associated with the Oriental or eclectic style and it's quite reasonable. However, a blue mosaic wallpaper can be combined with more contemporary designs, including glamorous ones. Much depends on the colour palette. We encourage you to free your creativity and think outside the box. In this way, you will achieve surprising effects straight from a magazine. Remember that you do not need to hang a mosaic wallpaper on all walls - in the case of such patterns, it might be too much. You only need to choose one that will be decorated in such a way. It will be enough to make the room look different, more stylish and interesting. If that does not persuade you yet, remember that mosaics are currently present not only in houses and flats. They are so stylish that they might be used in public spaces, such as business and service premises.

Colourful mosaic wallpaper

If you look closely at our offer, you will see that every mosaic wallpaper for a kitchen or other interiors is available in two versions. You decide which suits you better, and adjust your order to your needs. A standard option is a non-woven wall decoration that is characterized by resistance to shrinking and stretching (also during the installation). They are easy to keep clean as well. In the bimago offer, there is also a mosaic self-adhesive wallpaper that is appreciated by our customers due to its unproblematic installation. No matter which option you pick, you can count on high quality and durability. Our wallpapers are made with the use of modern solutions, such as full HD print and odourless toners that guarantee 100% safety. That's why all the bimago decorations, such as a grey mosaic wallpaper, can be used in children's rooms. When selecting a product from our store, you don't have to worry about anything. We are making every effort to send orders as soon as possible, to make sure that your renovation goes smoothly and with perfect results. Learn all advantages of our mosaic wallpapers by placing them on your walls - you will not regret it.