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Are you looking for a subdued, symmetrical wallpaper that will give originality to your interior? Or maybe you are looking for a colorful wallpaper that will allow you to bring out the unusual character of the interior? Lines wallpaper from bimago is a simple and yet very effective pattern that will transform your interior! Lines or geometric lines wallpaper is a unique collection of wall decorations that will work perfectly in interiors decorated in a minimalistic and Scandinavian style. 3D wallpapers, wallpapers with parallel and perpendicular lines will work perfectly in the living room and bedroom.

Line wallpaper

In order to decorate your modern style interior effectively, you need a line wallpaper. Despite the fact that it is not ornamented with fancy patterns, it will impress anybody who looks at it. We couldn’t omit such themes in our range. The bimago collection is full of stylish and exciting decorations that are hard to look away from. You will also definitely like our gold line geometrical wallpaper. It will be an extremely distinctive accent in a room, which will perfectly complement it. It is a good choice, especially for glamorous interiors, but is also suitable for many other interiors. This golden lines wallpaper does not need many decorative elements. This is one of its most significant advantages.

Gold line wallpaper

Contrary to appearances, gold lines wallpaper will be a hit not only for lovers of minimalism. In fact, it will appeal to anyone who would like to have an original decoration on a wall. The golden line wallpaper is one of our offer's most frequently selected options. Nothing is surprising about this, as it offers many possibilities for arrangements. With some imagination, such a pattern can even be matched to a classically furnished room, which is often a challenge for a makeover. The golden abstract lines wallpaper will refresh your interior and make you feel better. You will feel much more comfortable. You will be happy to stay in it, and you will see that a makeover does not have to be expensive or tedious. What do you need to know about bimago wallpaper? They all have a repeatable pattern and are sold in rolls. Moreover, you can order them in two versions - self-adhesive and non-woven. Due to such a possibility, you can easily adjust products to your needs.

Geometrical line wallpaper

Wallpapers lines available in our range can be used exactly how you want. Many people decide to place such decoration only on one wall, for example, behind the bed or the couch. It is a perfect solution because that’s everything you need to make changes in a room. However, you can decorate all the walls freely if you prefer bold metamorphosis. Geometrical line wallpaper will also look good in such a choice. We recommend it not only as a decoration in houses and flats but also in other places such as cafés, beauty salons or hotel receptions. Wallpaper ornamented with lines is multipurpose. This is another reason why the wallpaper is worth choosing. The bimago shop is a proper choice for everyone who requires lasting and elegant wallpaper. Our collections are deliberate and well-matched patterns.

Geometrical gold line wallpaper

We are well aware that our customers have different tastes, which is why the lines wallpaper is available in many colour versions. We have not only subtle, pastel proposals but also darker and more distinctive ones. Therefore, we are sure that with the help of our products, everyone will be able to create a dream arrangement. Please note that our wallpapers are full HD prints. This means that they reproduce details well and are of high quality. There is no question of neglect or fading due to UV rays. Both the geometrical gold abstract lines wallpaper and any other wallpaper are well protected. Applying the decoration doesn't take long, so you don't have to prepare your household for a tiresome renovation. A well-chosen pattern will not only refresh the room but also optically brighten or even enlarge it. As you can see, line wallpaper is unique in its simplicity and will not disappoint you. We guarantee that all your guests who come to visit will envy it. Don't waste any more time. Browse the entire category carefully and choose the best design!