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Roses Wallpaper




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A rose is a flower that has many faces. You can find it out yourself watching the collection wall murals roses from Bimago! Among wall decorations of large format you will find motifs in delicate, subdued colours and patterns in fiery colours. Thanks to this diversity, you can easily choose wall murals with roses appealing to your taste, and matching modern or classic arrangements. Wall mural roses or wallpaper with roses will allow you embellish your interior easily, and fill it with freshness. Make your interiors bloom thanks to wall murals with roses!

Roses Wallpaper

What type of wallpapers with roses will you find in our collection? You have a choice between non-woven or self-adhesive wallpapers, suitable for quick and easy installation. Additionally, all products are sold in rolls. Rose wallpapers can be easily tailored to your preferences, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with your order. If you want to create a unique and distinctive atmosphere in your bedroom or any other room, rose wallpapers placed on the entire wall will look beautiful. This way, you will not only highlight the decoration itself but also the overall interior design. Delicate flowers and imaginative compositions will provide you with a cosy and stylish living space that will be hard to part with, even for a moment. With a little creativity, you will easily discover that such decoration is a good way to arrange a beauty salon or a romantic restaurant. Explore our collection and choose a rose wallpaper that suits your taste and the type of room.


Rose Wallpaper

The wallpapers roses from our collection were created with great care and precision. We have used timeless motifs that have often served as inspiration for many artists. The symbol of nature and flowers has manifested itself in various eras, indicating its exceptional nature. We have also embraced this symbol, aiming to meet your expectations and assist you in creating your dream space. The roses wallpaper for walls you will find in our collection is undoubtedly a timeless decoration that suits many rooms. With it, you can arrange a cosy bedroom or a living room with a touch of romance. We offer interesting floral compositions accompanied by a wide range of colours, from delicate pastels to fiery shades. We understand the importance of your needs, which is why we care to regularly introduce new products to our collection. Not only that, but we believe that with these wallpapers with roses, you will feel exceptional in every room. So don't wait, choose a decoration from the rose wallpaper category today that will meet your expectations and needs.

3D Rose Wallpaper

Do you love unusual solutions and interiors with character? 3D floral-themed decorations are perfect for you, then. The roses wallpapers from our collection stand out due to their exceptional versatility, making them suitable for most rooms, regardless of the style in which they are decorated. Are you looking for phenomenal rose wallpaper bedroom? If the answer is yes, then go for a decoration that covers the entire wall. You don't have to worry about any troubles during installation. Our products are made of non-woven material, which means they do not stretch or detach from the surface. We also have something for enthusiasts of quick interior refreshments. You can order the entire roses wallpaper for walls series in a self-adhesive version as well. Just have a closer look at our offer, and we are confident that you will make a good choice. The only potential challenge might be selecting the best design for a particular room. We have such a wide variety that there's plenty to choose from!

Wallpapers with Roses

Aesthetic wallpapers roses are the perfect solution for those who want to feel exceptional in their interior. With bimago's decoration, you will create a place you couldn't even dream of. Floral motifs and their carefully designed composition will assist you in achieving that. Every day, we strive to meet the expectations of our customers, which is why our rose wallpaper collection offers a diverse palette of colours. You can pick from delicate shades, english style wallpaper,  as well as more intense ones, such as black rose wallpaper. Opt for the latter if you want to emphasize and enliven the entire arrangement. Pair them with subtle and simple accessories to precisely highlight the beauty of the wallpaper. The versatility of our motifs means that such decorations are not only suitable for residential buildings but also have a much wider range of applications. Many wallpapers roses are suitable for commercial or hospitality venues. They are made of non-woven material, so you don't have to worry about damage or fading due to UV rays. Thanks to their high-quality craftsmanship, the decorations will continue to look beautiful for many years.