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Waterfall Wall Mural




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Water is a powerful element known for its deep and vital symbolism. In nature, it is a source of life, strength and vitality. Flowing water creates a relaxing effect, and it is conducive to focus. The motif of water often appears on various decorations that introduce a soothing atmosphere into the interior and make it more cozy. Bimago's river and cascades wall murals collection depict rivers and waterfalls, especially enjoyed by avid nature enthusiasts. Wall decorations inspired by the element of water will be ideal for a bedroom or living room!

Waterfall wall murals

Mountain streams, rushing rivers and waterfalls are associated with action and dynamism, but watching them and listening to the flowing water has a calming effect on us. The stimulation and tranquillity associated with this motif, although seemingly contradictory, is what makes decorations with water in motion so well suited to many interiors. They are often chosen by people who expect the interior to be conducive to both activity and relaxation. In the case of a waterfall wall mural, a wall mural with a 3D pattern will be exceptionally effective. The right perspective of the photograph will make you almost feel the water drops on your cheeks when you have such a decoration in your interior - the effect will be very realistic. Deciding on a wall mural, it is worth betting on such a really high quality one. Adequately selected photography, quality of print and materials will make the interior look really spectacular. Thanks to a magnificent, there is no need to invest in numerous accessories - a wall mural will be a sufficient decoration and a perfect background for simple and functional furniture.


River Wall Mural

In the bimago online shop you will find a wide selection of wall decorations with the motif of river. You can find here wall murals with rivers, mountain waterfalls and streams, rivers flowing among greenery. There are really a lot of possibilities, but they all have one thing in common - they are an excellent choice for people who love nature and decoration referring to the colours of nature - mainly green and blue - bimago's river wall murals are available in many sizes, in the versions of flizelin, classic or self-adhesive. They are high quality and easy to install.