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Do the endless shades of brown, red and orange carved by the Colorado River over the millennia make you ponder and derive inspiration? Do the vast desert dunes mesmerize and soothe you? The desert wall mural collection from bimago is a unique set of designs with the motif of the vast sunburnt stretches of the Midwest of the United States. They can be a perfect choice for one of your interiors! The desert wall murals will provide dreamlike surroundings and the opportunity to travel to remote sites of the world without having to leave your living room!

Wallpaper deserts

The desert naturally brings to mind sand, hot sun, palm trees in an oasis and stately camels. Many associate it with holidays in hot Africa. It may be because the desert is so geographically remote that it sparks our imagination. Besides, desert dunes immortalised in a photograph have an undoubted decorative value. That is why a wall mural with a desert landscape will be a good choice for a hallway, living room, bedroom or office. The deep perspective present on the desert wall mural will make the room seem more spacious than it really is.

Desert mural for bedroom

A wall mural with a desert pattern brings calm and harmony to a room. That is why it is a frequent choice in a bedroom, which should be conducive to relaxation. The desert mural will go well with accessories in natural colours - beige, green, blue, made of wood, clay or glass. Soft, light-coloured cushions, linen sheets and airy curtains will further emphasise the gentle atmosphere of the room. It is worth betting on a warm light shade in the bedroom lamps.

Mural of a desert with camels

If you want to give some life to the desert landscape, it is worth thinking about a wall mural with a camel as the main character. A wall mural with a desert motif doesn't have to be boring, and the effect depends on what shade you decide. The bimago online shop has a wide selection of wall murals with other landscapes: wall murals with a sea motif or forest. Every wall mural you can order as classic, fleece and self-adhesive version. A wall mural is a straightforward way to quickly change your interior design - without extensive renovations or buying expensive accessories. One clear accent on an entire wall can completely transform an interior.