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Peony wall murals are a charming way to create a unique wall composition that goes well with a variety of decorating styles. The peony is a delicate and elegant plant, symbolising beauty and love! So it's no surprise that the peony wall murals from bimago are perfect to bring into your interior a subtle and romantic vibe. The wall mural with large peony flowers in shades of pink and white is a versatile solution suitable for any interior. A home decorated with the peony wall murals has a timeless feel with a fresh twist. The combination of pastel colours and delicate pink petals will create a cosy angle to relax and add a vibrant touch of elegance to any space, where the peony wall mural will be placed.

Peony wall mural

Peonies are magnificent plants and come in a wide range of varieties. They can be recognized by their large, round flowers with numerous, densely clustered petals, which look as if they are arranged in a mandala. Peonies symbolize harmony and fidelity. That’s why they are often chosen as decoration for a wedding bouquet. Those flowers are also associated with welfare and happiness, timidity and compassion. For us, peonies became the inspiration for the choice of a peony wall mural, with which you can bring the beauty of nature into your home and easily create a space that will put you in an optimistic mood. Among our propositions, you will find wall murals with peonies in different shades. You can pick white, pastel pink or intense violet. We encourage you to enjoy a peony wall mural and create a genuinely spring-like arrangement that will make you feel like you are in a blooming garden!

Peonies wall mural

A peonies wall mural is a decoration that will be perfect for relaxing rooms. A peony wall mural in the bedroom will help you start the day in a good mood. This decoration can also be a striking addition to your dining room arrangement. You can place it above the dining table or on the wall with the TV. The peonies wall murals are best for rooms decorated in the classic, retro or glamour style, but they can also be used in modern arrangements. It is important to choose a peony wall mural that will blend well with your room. Smoky, light-coloured wall murals will fit perfectly into interiors, while the peonies wall mural in black and white version will work in modern designs.
The large format decoration will make your interior fresh and natural. You can combine a peonies wall mural with other floral wall decorations like posters with peonies or canvas prints with roses in order to get an interesting effect.
By picking the peony wall mural, you can be sure your decoration will look good for years without losing its advantages!