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Wall Mural White feather
Delicate, subtle, swirling gracefully in the wind - feather wall murals have an extraordinary decorative potential, which is why they had to become part of the large-format wall decorations collection at bimago! The feather wall murals will perfectly fit the romantic aesthetic of the scandi boho or shabby chic style, but they will also successfully complement a harmonious look of minimalist or Scandinavian interiors. Feather wall murals will provide a neutral backdrop for more striking accessories. They are a perfect combination of classic with a modern twist. A feather mural wallpaper will visually spice up any interior, it will be impossible not to fall in love with it!

Feather wall mural

Need to add airness and a touch of subtle elegance to your interiors? Opt for feather wall murals from bimago. When choosing a large-format decoration, always remember that the motif should suit the set-up of your house, your lifestyle, and your personality. The feather wall murals are versatile and relatively neutral, so it will be easy to incorporate them into your interior design. It is definitely a safe option, but surely not a boring one. The feathers on our wall murals look very realistic – you will feel like touching them and experiencing their softness. A peacock feather wall mural in tones of gold is a very stylish decoration, that will enhance the look of your living room. Whichever motif you choose, a feather wall mural will allow you to create a relaxing and warm ambience in any interior. One more reason to love our feather wall murals: they come in a variety of colours and styles. Find out what works best for your space and let your creative side take over!

Feather wall murals

A feather wall mural with 3D effect is a great way to create a sense of depth in your interior and optically enlarge the space. This type of decoration is, therefore, ideal to max out any compact room - for example a small bedroom or a narrow hallway. You’ll be astonished at how such minor decor change can make a huge difference. The feather wall mural will give your space a complete makeover, so it is a top pick for a focal point in the room. When ordering a feather wall mural at bimago, you can opt for the non-woven, self-adhesive or premium version. If you are interested in the feather motif, do not limit yourself to this collection – in our product range you will find also posters with birds' motifs, canvas prints or even room dividers with this charming pattern. All our products combine original design with practical qualities. They are durable and long-lasting, so you can be sure tthey will please the eye for a long time.