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Wall murals are a great way to create an eye-catching decoration that will bring a whole new atmosphere to your room, while also concealing any minor wall imperfections. Each design is available in several sizes, finding the perfect fit for your wall dimensions is a breeze. You can also decide whether you prefer a traditional non-woven wall mural or a self-adhesive one. Dive into our extensive collection of wall mural designs. Discover your next wall decor inspiration with Bimago.

1. How to Choose a Wall Mural?

When selecting a wall mural, consider not only your personal preferences but also the suitability of the product for the specific room and its conditions. For instance, opt for a waterproof wall mural when decorating a bathroom instead of traditional adhesive wallpaper. It's also essential to ensure that the chosen mural complements other elements in your interior design, creating a cohesive and harmonious space. 2. Trendy Mural Designs Floral patterns remain consistently popular for wall murals, bringing a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere inspired by nature. Another fashionable choice includes self-adhesive or fleece murals featuring abstract or geometric motifs, adding originality and emphasizing a modern style. Murals imitating natural materials like stone or brick are highly sought after, offering an attractive alternative to labor-intensive and costly real-material arrangements. Explore the diverse range of photo wallpaper motifs available today. 3. Can a Wall Mural Expand an Interior? Photo wallpapers not only serve as decorative elements but can also visually enlarge a small room. Achieve this effect with 3D wall murals, which provide depth and three-dimensionality. Opting for a landscape-themed wall mural is another way to create the illusion of a more expansive space.


Trendsetting Wall Murals at bimago

Bimago collection boasts delightful colors and original designs, spanning Scandinavian, glamour, minimalist, and boho styles. With over 2,000 patterns, you'll find captivating cityscapes, global landscapes, vibrant flowers, abstract motifs, and designs catering to various tastes. From modern to classic, our wall murals complement diverse interior aesthetics. Explore our affordable collection of wall murals at bimago. Photo Wallpapers for Every Size Customized photo wallpapers from bimago come in seven dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for any space. For expansive areas like offices or living rooms, consider a 450x315 cm mural, providing a transformative impact. Smaller sizes, such as 250x175 cm, are ideal for bedroom or living room accents. The smallest size (150x105 cm) serves as a poster or painting, refreshing any interior. Self-adhesive versions are available for easy installation in hard-to-reach places. Fleece Wall Murals Are wall murals suitable for any room? Absolutely. Fleece wall murals from bimago ensure smooth walls without unevenness. Easy to install and self-adhesive, they are made of stain-resistant material, making them suitable for kitchens and lobbies. Fleece provides flexibility, especially for plasterboard walls, covering imperfections and offering soundproofing and thermal insulation. Transform your space affordably with Bimago modern and original wall murals.

Affordable Self-Adhesive Wall Murals

Explore Bimago new range of self-adhesive interlining wall murals, offering hassle-free decoration for challenging spaces. Ideal for high rooms, bevels, attics, and around windows and furniture, these self-adhesive murals provide convenience and ease of installation. Available in both self-adhesive and traditional versions, our high-quality HD prints guarantee a successful transformation. The Most Beautiful Wall Murals for Every Size Bimago wall murals uniquely enhance home interiors, with high-quality prints capturing beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and colorful motifs. With a variety of sizes, from 150x115 cm to customized options, our wall murals offer flexibility for different spaces. Easy to install, remove, and replace, self-adhesive murals provide a quick and independent interior transformation. Explore our collection for various sizes and designs at affordable prices. Customized Photo Wallpaper Self-adhesive murals from bimago are not only easy to install and move but also simple to remove and replace with another design. Tailor your interior quickly and independently with wall murals tailored to your needs. Choose from a selection of customized designs and accessories to kickstart the transformation of your living spaces.

Wall Murals for Every Room

Bimago offers diverse wall mural options for various rooms. For kitchens, explore colorful murals with culinary motifs, while muted and subtle patterns are perfect for creating a relaxing bedroom ambiance. Living rooms can embrace bold choices like geometric patterns or abstract motifs. The extensive collection caters to children's rooms, teenagers, and even offers Provençal murals for a touch of French chic. Explore Bimago wide range of cheap wall murals in various sizes for a stunning collection. Photo Wallpapers on Interlining Enjoy enduring popularity with photo wallpapers, an interesting alternative to traditional wallpaper. Fleece wall murals from bimago feature vivid colors, stain resistance, and affordability, making them a lasting choice. Available in various designs, including 3D effects and patterns for specific interiors, our photo wallpapers offer limitless decorative potential. Browse Bimago collections for the latest trends in wall murals. Photo Wallpapers Beyond Walls Photo wallpapers need not be confined to walls; they can enhance other surfaces such as furniture, countertops, or tables. Repurpose leftover photo wallpapers as unique gift wrapping. Explore Bimago blog for creative uses of photo wallpapers, including transforming tables or seeking inspiration for various applications.

Original Wall Mural Designs

Bimago diverse collection caters to every taste and style. From children's rooms to modernist interiors or classic rooms, our wall murals offer both aesthetic appeal and the ability to conceal wall imperfections. Modern wall murals for the living room, featuring 3D effects, provide intriguing focal points. Explore themed collections for specific rooms, including kitchens, hallways, and bedrooms. Bimago ensures a vast selection of designs to suit your unique preferences. Wall Murals for Bold Arrangements For those seeking bold interior design, bimago offers industrial, futuristic, and fantasy wall murals with strong colors and original motifs. Ideal for lovers of avant-garde design or those desiring significant environmental changes, these murals add a unique touch to any space. Create a distinctive look in a child's room with fantasy-themed murals or transform a living room with industrial patterns. Explore Bimago collections for a wide range of bold and captivating choices. French Chic with Provençal Wall Murals Elevate your interior with Provençal wall murals, seamlessly combining rustic motifs with the beauty of French nature. Suitable for kitchens, living rooms, or bedrooms, these murals cover entire walls, adding elegance to any space. Achieve French chic effortlessly with Provençal designs from bimago. Photo Wallpapers for Size and Style A wall mural serves as a large-format decoration, enhancing your home's arrangement. Bimago offers a wide selection of wall murals for every size, ranging from 150x115 cm to customized dimensions. Whether it's a striking cityscape, an abstract pattern, or a classic landscape, our collection provides endless inspiration. Maps of the world, modern abstractions, and city skylines make for ideal wall murals in offices. Discover our collection of cheap wall murals in various sizes at bimago.

Customized Photo Wallpaper for Flexibility

Self-adhesive murals not only facilitate easy installation but also offer the flexibility to move, correct, and replace them effortlessly. Transform your interior quickly and independently with Bimago range of customized wall murals. Choose from a selection of designs tailored to fit your unique needs, and consider adding accessories for a comprehensive decorating experience. Wall Murals Not Just for Walls The versatility of photo wallpapers extends beyond walls, as they can be applied to other surfaces with equal success. Enhance furniture, countertops, or tables with captivating photo wallpaper designs. Leftover photo wallpapers can find creative uses, such as gift wrapping. Explore Bimago blog for innovative ways to incorporate photo wallpapers into your living spaces. Original Wall Mural Designs for Every Style Bimago extensive collection ensures that everyone finds the perfect wall mural, whether for children's rooms or modernist interiors. Original designs not only add aesthetic value but also conceal wall imperfections. Opt for modern wall murals with 3D effects to visually enlarge smaller rooms. Discover the captivating range, featuring diverse themes and styles, to suit your unique preferences. Photo Wallpapers Beyond Traditional Use Photo wallpapers offer more than traditional wall decoration, finding applications in various creative projects. Bimago extensive range of designs, including industrial, futuristic, and fantasy motifs, caters to diverse tastes. Bold colors, original patterns, and avant-garde inspirations make these murals stand out. Explore Bimago collections for captivating and unconventional uses of photo wallpapers in your living spaces.