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Room ideas

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The vast choice of graphics bedecking room dividers in bimago's collection gives a virtually unlimited choice of beautiful interior decorations. Create privacy easily and quickly with our studio apartment dividers. A separate space has never been so easy to create. And the best thing is that you get to introduce a beautiful image to your room and perfectly match it with your interior design. Ranging from floral graphics to abstract, modern images, you will surely find the right fit for the job.

Building walls seems like a hard endeavour but with a mobile room divider you can pop a delicate, stylish wall wherever you please. Build a peaceful library in your spacious living room, gift your little one with a vivid, positive image and create a whole new arrangement using studio flat room dividers. Even pubs can benefit from such interior features – place a divider in your pub and you can quickly build a separate space for your customer's private party.