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Stone houses among lavender hills, picturesque vineyards and the sun enveloping these fairy-tale landscapes - this is Provence in all its glory! If this vision brings a smile to your face and a feeling of relaxation, Provençal posters from bimago will surely catch your attention. The provençal poster is perfect for creating an idyllic atmosphere and arranging your interior in the spirit of the charming south of France! Romantic Provençal posters will be a subtle addition to an arrangement maintained in the convention of cozy and unforced elegance.

Provencal style posters

Our Provencal posters deserve your attention. They refer to a style that evokes only positive associations. Provence is a region that evokes beautifully scented lavender, picturesque landscapes and sunshine that caresses the skin. If you want to give yourself such an atmosphere daily, our Provençal posters for the wall will help you do so. Decorate every corner of your home with them. We offer designs perfect for a stylish bedroom, dining room, living room or study. We also have delicate motifs that are ideal for a child's or a romantic teenager's room. If you decide on bimago products, you will not regret it. Indicate what size you want your Provençal style decoration, and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.


Provencal posters for the wall

Delicacy and elegance are how one can describe provençal style posters. They are exceptionally tasteful decorations for the wall, which catch the eye and make it easy to carry out a metamorphosis of the interior. You can use them to create a more extensive collection by juxtaposing several different designs. Depending on your needs, you can order Provencal posters with or without a frame. You can also opt for additional elements, such as a margin or passe-partout. Although vertical decorations dominate the offer, you will also find many exciting proposals in a horizontal arrangement. Among the recommendations of bimago, you will notice both lavender, peony posters and other equally elegant flowers, characteristic angels and various vintage motifs. Although they are all in the same style, they do not focus on the same design. Provencal-style posters are a tried-and-tested way to fill walls that have been empty up to now. You will quickly appreciate them for creating a more cosy atmosphere.