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Find a perfect frame for your gallery of posters or a single work of art and enjoy their beauty thanks to the collection of posters from bimago. The most optimal size proves to be the middle format, in which you can find the 30x45 cm posters. All our large frames include a frame in the colour and style of your choice, which ensures the elegant look of every poster motif. Posters for frames 30x45 cm are a vast category of graphics and poster motifs that will make it easy for you to choose a decoration for your interior.

30 x 45 cm posters with frame

A 45 x 30 poster frame is the ideal wall decor for a kitchen. Not too big, not too small, it will introduce a touch of style to any cooking space out there. Give your kitchen a fresh, new breath by bedecking it with bimago's 30 x 45 poster! Horizontal images imprinted in a simple poster will optically widen the room and make it feel more spacious whereas vertical ones will give it an organised, orderly impression. With our vast choice of options, you can pick the perfect type of frame, its colour and size! Apart from the frames, you can pick a lovely passe-partout that will underline your image in a beautiful way. Not only kitchens will benefit from a 30 x 45 poster frame. Compact interiors like hallways or kids’ rooms are the perfect space to place a poster 30 x 45! Thanks to their proportions, 30 x 45 posters are ideal for depictions of superheroes which your little one loves! Using 30 x 45 posters you can create gorgeous galleries which can change a room in the blink of an eye! Choose three or five posters arranged in a horizontal line to generate a one-of-a-kind, stylish look. Black and white posters are an awesome idea when it comes to modern interior design. Especially simple images, showing the shape of a human or animal can give an interior that pinch of decor that it needs! The 30 x 45 size has been created to fit medium size spaces. City skylines, beautiful panoramas as well as vertical images of features like the Eiffel tower, bimago's collection is the place that you will find the right poster for you! An interior can get a whole new spirit with a humble poster. Get inspired with our awesome collection, pick the right one for you and remember to take a picture of your friends face when they see it!

45x30 inch poster for a wall gallery

Choosing the perfect poster size is a dilemma faced by many planning to create a private wall gallery. In most cases, the most optimal size turns out to be the medium format, as represented by 30x45 cm posters. Their greatest advantage is their extraordinary versatility, as they look equally good in home interiors of small volume, as well as on the walls of large training halls, long corridors, and spacious restaurants. Posters of such sizes can be successfully used not only as permanent decoration but also as seasonal, adapted to the time of year, mood, or current interests. In such a case, there's no need to hang the poster on the wall – it's enough to place it on a dresser, desk, or fireplace, ideally in the company of other decorations and trinkets in the same style. Whether modern, retro, or boho - in our store's offer, you'll find designs in your favourite style.

Posters in the size of 30x45 centimetres

An elegant poster gallery is a decorative trick found in many homes and apartments. However, more and more people are opting for such decorations in less obvious spaces, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway. Posters sized 30x45, with an appropriately chosen theme, are perfect for hanging on the wall next to the dining table, beside a freestanding bathtub, or on either side of a mirror in the hallway. An interesting abstraction, a charming landscape, or a delicate graphic in a black or gold frame will certainly make everyday activities more pleasant and will harmonise beautifully with the rest of the room's decor. If, on the other hand, you have a larger space at your disposal, consider hanging several 30x45 posters in the living room next to each other or creating a freeform composition with photos of various sizes. The effect will surely be fantastic.