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Religious motifs, angels and Christian posters are our proposition for people looking for original decoration, associated with spirituality and faith. Religious art will also work perfectly as a gift on the occasion of various religious events: baptism, communion or wedding. Religious posters are decoration which will be an original decoration of any space, giving it a spiritual dimension. Religious posters are a rich offer of wall decorations inspired by the sphere of sacrum. Discover the potential of sacral art in interior design!

Religious prints

Bimago’s religious posters are an original way of decorating an apartment. They will be suitable for interiors with wooden furniture and accessories. Rooms that you associate with tranquillity and family atmosphere will be the perfect match for our religious art prints. With their help, you will express your deepest feelings and faith in a unique way. In our collection, you will find a wide range of many different posters with religious motifs. There are both prints with quotations from the Bible as well as posters with angels and saints. Some pieces depict biblical stories, and there are also religious posters presenting the last supper and the creation of the world. They will decorate your living room or a dining room where you spend time with your family.

Jesus posters

The Bible stories about Jesus are plenty, and they give us consolation and deepen our faith whenever we hear them. They are commonly related and praised in many different cultures around the globe. Posters with Jesus of Nazareth may, therefore, be suitable decorations of your house that will remind you of the Christian virtues. Bimago designed a whole collection of Jesus posters that depict the last supper, His crucifixion and resurrection. These religious prints allude to the sacrification and dedication of God’s son that will give you some pause for thought. Our posters will be perfect for a house, apartment or places for religious gatherings.

Angels posters

Angels glorify the Creator and serve as God’s messengers that pass revelations from Him to us. It is also said that they record people’s action and protect us from evil. Let us then welcome angels in our homes with religious posters depicting these wonderful creatures. Our angel posters will bring peace and a sense of security to your interiors. You can frame them elegantly and put against plain walls to accent your new decorations. In bimago’s collection, you will also find a dozen of other religious art prints that will allow you to transform your interiors into small household places of worship.