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Space, stars and planets posters




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Art inspired by outer space and celestial bodies looks great! Planets, starry night skies, astronauts walking in space and photos of the Earth against the inky blackness of space are the perfect setting for the decor of an office, bedroom or living room. If you love the Universe, you will surely enjoy bimago's collection of amazing astronomy posters. If astronomy is your passion, space posters and moon posters will make space - the final frontier - at your fingertips today!

Posters of Space

Who wouldn't like to have a bit of universe in their living room or bedroom? Thanks to our space poster, you can feel like a true astronaut while sitting on your couch. In bimago collection, you will find a vast array of space-related posters for all lovers of the universe. You can hang a satellite photo of Earth on your wall and feel like on a spaceship. We have something less serious, too, like beautiful retro graphics or painting with a space theme. These space posters are perfect for all lovers of space, passionate about space flight, space shuffles and astronauts. Every poster will look great on a wall in your child's room, but our decoration works perfectly for adults as well. You can have them in your living room or a bedroom or even in your office, no matter the style of the interiors. We have vintage space posters for retro design and astrological graphics, suitable for a boho-styled room. Go through the offer in bimago and find the perfect poster.

Posters of Planets

In the bimago collection, you can find extraordinary space posters or of a single planet. Maybe you are particularly fond of Mercury, Saturn or the Moon? You can have them on your wall in high quality. We truly have something for everybody. You can choose from the entire Solar System, from Mercury to Pluto, including our biggest and hottest star. You can hang all posters in the correct order, for instance, in your hall or choose only a few products that suit your interior best. Our posters of planets are perfect for modern decor as well as for more classic styles. They look great in a loft room or in a vintage office. Go through our products and see for yourself how beautiful they are. All planets are like a work of art that you can hang on your wall. The creations of nature and space are the most beautiful decorations you can have at your house. Every planet is different and unique, so we wish you good luck in picking the posters of planets for your home.


Constellation Poster

What could be a better decoration for your home than a breathtaking constellation of stars? In bimago, you can find high quality night sky posters or constellation graphics to hang on your wall. They will look nice in living rooms, kids' room but also in halls, offices and even kitchen. It goes without saying that such posters of stars give any bedroom a more romantic vibe. What can be better than lying in your bed under the picture of the stars and constellations? You don't need a glass ceiling because you can choose one of our products instead. Every constellation poster will match the modern interiors as well as classic design and rooms in a cosy and a bit of romantic style. Stars are, after all, timeless and unique - they go with everything. Decide on a constellation poster that caught your eye, and do not hesitate. You can add some other decoration in a similar theme, we have a lot of space posters to pick from.

Solar System Poster

Kids, teenagers, adults - they all love space, and in bimago, we have something for the universe lovers of all age groups. You and your close ones can have a whole solar system in your house, you only need to make an order at our store. We offer a great variety of different motifs, from star constellations to NASA posters. One of our bestsellers are the products with the Solar System - you can have every planet on a separate poster and recreate the universe in your living room or a hall. Every product is printed on durable paper with care for details. We offer the highest quality for your satisfaction. You can choose a suitable size or the type of Solar System poster. Do you need it to be in a frame or maybe with side margins? We offer such options and more. Unframed, framed with passe-partout, we have everything. You only need to order the poster that stole your heart. Possibly more than one. We strongly recommend buying a whole set - the Solar System does not consist of a single planet, does it?