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Music themed posters, rap, R&B or jazz are the best way to show off your musical passions in design. Do you have a favourite singer or band? Their music stays with you throughout the most of your life? Stay close to it with our collection of music posters for bands, artists and albums. Pay tribute to your idols and discover the largest album covers poster collection at bimago. The timeless, iconic work of the best artists can come to life again thanks to our posters, available in free form or framed. Find your timeless idol today.

Rock and roll posters

Music is a constant backdrop to our activities these days. Even when shopping at a supermarket you can always hear some kind of music in the background. But it's not this kind of music that we're interested here at bimago. You surely remember the tunes that accompanied you when you were growing up, when you were a teenager and when you entered adulthood. Rock and roll posters are amongst the most popular ones as everybody loves at least one of those energetic, melodic, often even romantic tunes. Just order one, add a red bow and there you have it! The perfect surprise birthday present. Such wall decor has virtually unlimited potential, regardless if you pop it on your living room wall next to the TV, in the humble hallway or even in the kitchen – the magic will always happen. Just take a glimpse and you will surely hear that tune at the back of your head.

Music prints posters

At our website you will find the highest quality music posters referring to your music taste. You name it, we've got it. Rock'n'roll posters, indie band posters, reggae posters, classic rock posters, drum and bass posters, jazz posters vintage as well as song posters depicting those timeless quotes that will always bring a smile to your face when you get back home tired after a day's work. A rap gods poster is always a good idea when you're struggling to come up with a gift for your offspring. Our variety of UK rap posters offers you a vast choice to pick from. When talking about music posters one feature stands out. They are absolutely timeless. Get one just after a concert and enjoy your memories for years on end. Restaurants and bars are the perfect place for vintage band posters, creating that casual, cosy atmosphere. Bimago also offers a variety of elegant frames for your posters, with or without a margin or with a stylish passe-partout. The posters come already framed, ready to hang.