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Movie posters are an extremely attractive, smart and elegant design element not only for movie fans, but also for lovers of art and stylish, dynamic interior design. The bimago movie poster collection includes movie posters that will fit almost any interior style, especially glamor and industrial styles. The most popular movie and series characters, superheroes, cinema icons and the best movie lines - all in one place. See our online gallery to know what a unique piece of cinema history you can take home with you today.

Iconic movie posters

Everybody enjoys a masterpiece regardless if it's a painting, a car design or a motion picture. And the aforementioned art form is the topic of bimago's movie posters collection. Here you can find your favourite movie motifs depicted with the highest quality film posters. Often a movie leaves such a vivid memory that it influences the way we perceive the surrounding world for the rest of our lives. Keeping that in mind, you can easily personalize your living space by adorning your walls with movie posters which will happily bring those awesome memories back. Great movie productions are never just about the actors. The unforgettable plots, priceless scenes and quotes that stay in your head for the rest of your life – that's what cinema is all about. Here you will find it all. Portraits, film scenery and famous quotes- the choice is yours. Depending on the type of famous movie posters that you pick, you can either bring an entire room to life or create that cosy, individual feeling perfect for a bedroom or your cosy lounge. Regardless which design direction you choose, we guarantee that bimago's wall posters will satisfy the needs of the most demanding cinema fans. Iconic film posters will not do the job by themselves. They need framing. Here you can choose the perfect frame, with or without a margin or even with a stylish passe-partout. We deliver our posters already framed, securely packaged and ready to hang straight out of the box.

Old movie posters

Back in the good old days everything was better. The cars, the music, the movies, even the weather was better ;) Truth be said, we will always remember the days we were young as the best days of our lives. That first kiss, those parties and those dates at the cinema – these we will never forget. Make your next wedding anniversary the best one ever with a surprise retro movie poster with a scene or actor that accompanied the early days of your relationship. You know best, whether to do it with a blast and hang a huge iconic movie poster above your sofa or use minimalist movie posters with an unforgettable quote from your partner's favourite motion picture. One thing is certain: this wll definitely make your soul mate smile.