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Silver wall decor posters




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Silver posters - descrete elegance in interiors

The latest bimago collection presents posters enriched with silvery detail. A shiny accent thanks to a special foil applied to the printed poster gives a wonderful, metallic gloss. Silvery reflexes are displayed on a white background, adding grace and elegance. In the silver poster collection you will find plenty of different themes. This way you will be able to adapt this decoration to the preferences of each household member. Among the silver posters you can find: captions, quotes and floral and animal motifs. An interesting feature will certainly be decorations with more abstract motifs - original collages, outlines and symbols. If it is some consistent colours, taht we wish to have, we can order a silver poster in the same color. This solution will allow us to enjoy a minimal, elegant decoration. However, if we want to break such a convention, we recommend a black poster frame - then we will get a distinctive ornament that can be perfectly displayed on the wall. We invite you to look at the silver posters with a fancy, shiny accent.

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Silver poster in interior design

In the selection of silver posters you can find both elegant decorations and designs with a pinch of humor. The shiny motif on a white background is a minimalist feature, although thanks to the metallic gloss it is expressive and catchy. Silver in the interiors gives an amazing effect, although on the other hand it can easily fall into an undesired level of splendor, which is why such additions should be used moderately. Here are some ways to decorate your interior with silver posters:

  • If we care about a subtle, monochrome space, we should decorate the space in gray shades with a silver poster. The shimmering gloss will break this color in an interesting way.
  • Scandinavian style in bright colors will gain a subtle, shiny accent if we choose a silver poster with a thematically related motif. Metallic gloss on a white background is ideally suited to an elegant living room, bedroom or hallway.
  • A silver poster can successfully become part of a gallery consisting of several posters or art photographs. This wall decoration will definitely catch our eye.
  • Classic Blue, i.e. the color of 2020, can be perfectly combined with silver posters. A shiny, bright accent against a deep blue background will guarantee a fashionable and fancy interior.