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Holographic art prints





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Holographic posters - extraordinary decorations in neon colours

Neon glossy posters are an amazing design. If you want to get a bold, unconventional interior decoration then go for holographic posters. Posters are covered in a shiny gloss thanks to a special foil applied to the printed pattern. This way it has a metallic enhancement, which will change colors depending on the angle of incidence of light. If we want this effect to be properly displayed, we recommend placing the holographic poster in a well-lit place. Above the sofa or as part of a larger wall gallery - there are plenty of ways to arrange the interior with a holo poster. A huge selection of designs means that everyone will find their favorite theme. Quotes, funny captions or animals - discover the potential of holographic Bimago posters. Unconventional wall decorations with a neon glow will make our interior gain positive and light energy.