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Copper coloured wall decor posters




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Copper posters - elegant colors with a fiery gloss

If you love a noble copper color, then the latest bimago collection is just for you. Copper posters are decorative designs gloss copper. The minimalistic yet eye-catching composition will certainly add splendor and original appearance. The copper gloss on the poster was achieved thanks to a special foil, printed on a monochrome pattern. The collection does not lack patterns depicting animals, plant motifs, captions and quotes. The minimalist design means that industrial posters are designed for modest, raw lofts. We recommend it for both living spaces and cafes, pubs or beauty and hairdressing salons.

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Copper poster, i.e. loft and industrial interiors

Warm, copper colours are a perfect addition to raw, loft interiors. The fiery gloss on copper posters and the minimalist design make it the perfect decoration for industrial arrangements. The spacious interiors kept in homogenious palette of colours can be successfully enriched with copper accessories. Black and white colors along with concrete walls will be an ideal background for posters in industrial style. The subtle gloss on these designs will make the interior visually warm. Loft posters should be combined with other copper accents such as exposed installations, flower pots or lamps.