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Metallic finish posters




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Metallic posters - original wall decoration

If you wish to enhance your interior arrangement, this collection of posters is definately for you. Style it up with a shiny accent of gold, silver, holographic or copper colour. In our posters selection you will find themes in various colours that are perfect for modern interiors. We apply a special foil in the print to get the gloss effect. The two-stage production process allowes us to create modern posters that are characterized by the delicate structure and the subtle glow. Such a metallic poster will surely be an interesting diversion in various interior designs. In our collection of metallic posters you will find captions, quotes, floral, animal and abstract motifs. As our wall decorations with a map motif are getting quite a followance, we decided to create designer themes with contours of continents and countries. The glossy theme on the posters has some universal character and in that way it will certainly look interesting in the living room, bedroom, youth room or office. Posters with metallic finishing are also an original gift idea. Each of the posters can be ordered in an elegant frame in one of four colours - white, black, silver or gold. This way we have a ready gift or decoration that you just put on the wall. We recommend the category of metallic posters where you will certainly find your favorite theme in a modern design.