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Warsaw Poster


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Is there a city that has a special place in your heart? If so, you need to see the collection of posters with city maps from bimago! With our collection, you can decorate your wall with unique posters that will tell your own story. Due to their aesthetic form, the posters with city maps, for example, the Warsaw posters, will perfectly fit the design of every type of interior. A Warsaw poster will look great as a single decoration or as an element of a bigger composition. See our posters with cities and choose something for yourself.

Polish Posters Warsaw

Warsaw is the largest city and also the capital of Poland. Due to its history and size it is often visited by tourists. It owes its popularity also to many attractions and monuments which are often captured on photos or graphics. Posters from the Warsaw series from bimago include all the most popular and beautiful views of this city in different scenes. A beautiful photograph of the Royal Castle or a view on the National Stadium? Or maybe a mermaid of Warsaw painted in aquarelle? There are plenty of ideas. Check it yourself!

Warsaw Map Poster

Warsaw is famous for its numerous monuments and attractions that attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. One of the most iconic is the Palace of Culture and Science, which has been pictured on graphics in many formats. Its building was built during the communist era, so as a decoration it will go very well accompanied by retro-style furniture or vintage accessories. You can get it in many color versions - including a very popular one in shades of gray and brown. The capital of Poland is also a film set for many famous productions. If you are a fan of cinema - not only Polish - you will certainly be interested in the movie posters of the city of Warsaw. Due to their unique character they will give your interior a unique atmosphere, straight from the film set. Warsaw is a huge space and advanced topography. That's why the Warsaw map poster is an interesting design and realistic representation of details. In bimago offer we have blue maps that will fit into a modern space. Noteworthy are also artistic maps and sketches of the city for the more demanding. Warsaw poster is a modern decoration for the office, living room and study. In addition, it can be framed and hung on the wall or put next to it. In each scenario it comes out great!