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Herbs give some additional flavour to dishes and the posters with herbs from bimago will let you adorn your kitchen or dining room and make the time of eating your favourite dishes even more pleasant! The subtle, stylish decoration will perfectly fit the design of the rustic and Scandinavian interiors. The posters with herbs are great both for private houses and catering places. You can choose a single poster or decide on creating a gallery of more posters. Discover the power of the herbs posters that will redesign any unoriginal interior!

Vintage Herbs Posters

Herbs posters are a great kitchen design idea. Delicate green plants look amazing on a smooth, plain background. Minimalistic graphics will look great in simple Scandi-style kitchens. Tiles, wall panels or a crude wall – posters of herbs placed on these surfaces are an inspiring motif that will make cooking more pleasant. In the Bimago collection, you will find watercolour posters designed for retro interiors, as well as sketches or photos that will fit into modern kitchens. The choice is wide, and there is something for everyone!


Posters Of Herbs

Herbs posters are a popular trend that you can use to decorate any room and wall. Thanks to their universal appearance, they are a stunning decoration for a kitchen or a dining room, as well as for a bedroom or a living room. If you have a rustic or retro room, place a vintage-style poster on the wall. This original design will appeal to fans of innovative solutions. Against the background of wooden accessories, combined with scented candles, they will turn your room into a herb garden. However, for the living room, we recommend not one... but several posters with this motif! A set of three posters will allow you to create a charming triptych that will bring a calm and pleasant atmosphere to your living room.

Herbarium poster for kitchen and dining room

An indispensable decoration of any kitchen is a recipe book and herbs – both live and hanging on the walls in the form of posters. A poster herbarium from Bimago will make you feel like a real gastronomy artist. These herbal combinations will come in handy during your culinary experiments. Small posters of green plants directly from old botanical albums will work great in small and rustic kitchens. This arrangement will bring rural charm and climate to your interior. However, for larger, post-industrial kitchens, framed watercolour graphics will be suitable. For a modern or minimalist style dining room, we recommend sketches. Our numerous photos of various herbs will also be a good choice. Their simplicity and focus on details will help you recreate a herbal garden in your home, changing its interior forever.