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New York Paint by Numbers






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A city that never sleeps and… gets rainy quite often. It is true that no one here sings "I'm singing in the rain", but the "Rain Song" presses on your lips. Anyone can draw, but with the painting by numbers New York set - it's fun and exciting! You will be able to create a masterpiece with your own hands, even if you have reached for a brush for the first time. Fascinating New York city paint by number set positively boosts your creative development, giving you a personal masterpiece on the wall in the interior or as a handmade gift.

Times square paint by numbers

It is a city that never sleeps. It is a place where dreams come true. And it is one of the most sought-after motifs in wall interiors design! Have you guessed? It’s New York, of course! This cosmopolitan city located in the centre of the world can now become a part of your wall décor. And what is best, thanks to our series of New York paint by numbers, you will be the artist! This is an excellent choice for those with a creative nature and the fans of The City of Dreams. With our painting by numbers New York, you can experience the spirit of this unique, vibrant city sitting comfortably in your armchair. There are warm vintage pieces for cosy apartments and black and white images for industrial and minimalist interiors. And an absolute must-have is the Times Square paint by numbers that depicts the bustling city life in detail. This interior design gem will immediately make your room look brighter and more stylish. You will feel as if the heart of the world was right in your flat. While painting the shiny buildings and the crowded plaza, you will experience the unique atmosphere of the place that attracts millions of visitors each year!

Painting By Numbers New York

How to start? In our kit, you will find all the necessary paintbrushes and paints that will help you reproduce the magnificent city skyline, create your Statue of Liberty or build your Brooklyn Bridge within a few weekends. Filling the numbers with paint has a number of benefits like becoming instantly relaxed, enhancing concentration and improving manual skills. What is more, bimago offers New York City paint by numbers for beginners and advanced painters alike. That way, everyone can enjoy the city’s splendour regardless of their artistic skills or previous experience. And if you are not a fan yourself, then maybe your friend or a family member is looking for something original to hang on their walls? Try giving them an NYC skyline paint by numbers. Such an original gift will surely surprise them in a most positive way.