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Painting by numbers horses can bring up everything we love about these animals: grace, intelligence and majesty. Horses are true friends of everybody who is around them. They give their owners joy and a good mood. Without horses, our life would be boring and uninteresting. Of all the animals that live on our planet, perhaps horses have exerted the greatest influence on our history and the development of an entire civilization. The domestication of the horse by man was one of the most important historical events.

Vintage horse paint by number

The modern world would never be the same without horses. Nowadays horse riding is more of a hobby than an industrial phenomenon. Bimago's painting by numbers horses let's you introduce mesmerising images of horses to your personal space! A symbol of power as well as grace. A depiction of a horse created with horses paint by numbers will make great wall decor for a wide variety of interiors. With a choice as rich as ours, you will pick the right horse for the job in a heartbeat. A vivid, running racehorse can change the feel of a room in the blink of an eye filling it with fresh energy whereas a close-up of a horse face with its delicate shape can make a bedroom even more cosy. When you choose horse paint by number kits you can experience a truly magical process. By calmly filling those numbered spaces with color you can gradually feel the power embedded in the image of a horse come to life. Regardless if it's a delicate portrait or a dynamic picture of a horse in motion, the energy is always there.

Horse painting by numbers

Training and keeping a horse is no easy task. Nevertheless, creating an image of a horse with bimago's paint by number kits horses certainly is. You get all the needed components in one package. The canvas is ready to use, pulled over an eco-friendly wooden frame. It has outlines with numbered spaces and the numbers correspond to the numbers of paint colors. Even the sizes of the brushes are adequate to the complexity of the painting that you choose. Paint by number horse kits make brilliant gifts and you really don't have to ride horses to enjoy such a present. By gifting your loved ones with a horse paint by number printable kit from our collection you give them more than the simple canvas. You give them hours of relaxation. And not only simple relaxation. Creative relaxation. After finishing a painting everybody gets the feel that they have completed a seemingly simple yet so an awesome task. And that's the feel that they get every time they take a look at it!