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Would you like to create your own are, but you don't want to master it for years? Painting by numbers is the best solution for beginners and lovers of painting. Take the brush in your hand and start. Take a simple theme, like a cat. Kittens and felines - although they decided to share their lives and homes with us, they never lost their independent attitude. In the eyes of each of them, you can see the tiger's soul. Painting by numbers cats will be a beautiful decoration of the apartment, and will give you a great deal of fun.

Colourful cat paint by numbers

With the choice of cat paintings on bimago's website, you will undoubtedly find the right cat for you. Just pick a painting by numbers cats kit and you can start your adventure with art now! Colourful cats, toned, delicate cat images, cats in motion or abstract, vivid cat faces, with cat paint by number kits virtually any interior will benefit with a feline on the wall. Our cats paint by numbers is not only a piece of canvas pulled over a frame. It's an experience. Minute by minute, hour by hour your cat will come to life with the vivid colours that you bedeck it with! Pick a straightforward image of an abstract, colorful cat and enjoy the moment or choose a detailed, complex painting of a cat with all of its whiskers to give you even more time of relaxation and peace while filling those numbered spaces with the right colours. With cats it's never black and white. Maybe she wants to eat, maybe she wants to go out, maybe she just wants to stare at the TV. If your cat happens to be a black one, a black cat paint by numbers will let you immortalise it's priceless character on a unique painting.

Painting paint by number kits cats is almost as easy as a stroke on the pussy's back. Just pick the kitty right for you, order, and in no time you will be creating your own, unique work of art! The canvas comes ready to use, pulled over an eco-friendly, wooden frame. It has outlines guiding you where to put the particular colours. Of course, the paint has corresponding numbers. We have even cared for the right sizes of brushes so that your kit comes 100% complete with all the stuff that you will need. And here's where the magic starts. Sit back in front of the canvas, take a few breaths and you will be in awe the very second that you take your first brush stroke. Be it the elusive cheshire cat or an ordinary household feline, an image of a cat always brings a mesmerising, cosy feel to the interior. So waste no more time, regardless if it's the bedroom, living room, humble hallway or your office, with a colorful cat paint by number you can give it a stylish, out of the ordinary touch to any space out there!