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How to make an order?

You can place your order in a fast and secure way, directly on our website

Step 1: Adding the product to your shopping cart

Go to the product’s site (you can get there by clicking on the chosen item’s name or on its small image, the thumbnail) and complete the configuration according to your requirements: choose the technique (handpainted, canvas print or print on plexiglass), the correct size, the stretcher bars’ type and possibly also the recommended accessories and add-ons.

Add the article to your shopping cart.

Before passing to the next step, please check your shopping cart. You can specify the quantity of the orderd product(s), you can also remove an item from your shopping cart or add another product. If all the details are correct, you can continue your purchase by clicking on the „Proceed” button.

If you are not a registered user or you haven’t logged in yet, you are going to be redirected to the login page. If it’s your first purchase in our shop, please create your customer account by clicking on the button „Continue and register”. If you already have your customer account on, please choose the „Login” option. You can also place your order as a guest: in this case you won’t become a registered user and no customer account will be created.

Step 2: Shipping information

In this step you have to put your address information into the form. If your main address should be used also as the delivery address, please fill in only the fields in the „Billing Address” column. If the purchased item should be sent to a different address, please sign the option „Ship to another address” and fill in the fields in the „Shipping address” column. Please check if all the details are correct and then click on the „Continue” button.

Step 3: Order summary

Before placing your order please check if all the details are correct. You still have the possibility to make all the necessary changes, e.g. you can modify the delivery address. You can also add some more items to your cart by clicking on the option „Edit Your Shopping Cart”.

To confirm your order, please click on the „Place order” button.

Step 4: Payment

In this step you can choose from fast and secure on-line payment types (Paypal, credit card, on-line bank transfers) or select the option of executing your payment directly on our German bank account, using the traditional bank transfer.

Once the order is placed, we are going to confirm it to you via e-mail.