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A simple way in which you can decorate your interior are posters, which may be hung not only individually but also in composition. If you don’t have experience in interior design, we recommend sets of posters according to the number of parts from bimago. The sets of framed posters contain from two to six decorations which are thematically related. Here you may find, among others, subtle floral motifs, exotic animals, extraordinary patterns inspired by Paris, maps and elegant inscriptions. Sets of posters may be placed in a kitchen, living room, dining room or office.

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Sets of several posters are a decorative element you can’t past by with indifference. Bimago offers ready-to-use sets of posters made up of two, three, four and even eighteen elements! There is no limit to extending your gallery. The only thing left to do is to choose the frames and your room will be transformed in a blink of an eye. We have ensured that our sets of ready-to-install posters with frames are consistent and at the same time breath taking. All sets have a common element, be it the colour, theme or style. You can choose sets that form one image or sets where each poster presents a different graphic. The vast variety of designs available in our offer allows you to express yourself to the fullest and create the perfect wall décor in your home. One of the latest trends is to combine images with funny or motivational phrases. Another great solution is to personalize a wall gallery with pictures of your family or holiday photos- just match the size and frame and arrange them as you see fit. Wall galleries can be used to decorate not only the living room, but also the kitchen, bedroom but also the space above the stairs. Adorning commercial spaces will be a piece of cake, regardless if it is an office, hotel, pub or spa. Wall galleries are a great way to showcase your business or venue and will help you spark a conversation with guests and customers. Bimago’s designers have created sets of posters that will fit not only modern and minimalist interiors, but also interiors in bohemian, retro, Scandinavian or eclectic styles. Bimago’s high-quality posters are a very modern wall decoration that adds elegance to any interior. It has never been so easy! Make yourself a cup of brew, sit back, choose the right gallery and transform your living space with a few klicks of the mouse.