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Cork board

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Cork board room divider

A cork room divider is all you need to brighten your interior and at the same time add a super practical feature to the room. Using a couple of pins and paper you can effortlessly organise your day with a cork board room divider from our rich collection. Pick a world map cork divider, bedeck it with holiday pictures of your loved ones and smile each and every time you lay your eyes on it. This trick works with all of our dividers, regardless the motif you choose! Lightweight and mobile, a cork divider can be easily moved around whenever you feel the need to do so. When placed in the living room it will create a personal space perfect for work or reading. We use only the highest quality cork which is very durable and will serve you for years to come. Our pigment also lasts for years so you don't have to worry about any maintenance. With a huge collection of cork dividers like ours, we can provide you with just the right one for the job. Colourful, vivid themes for the kids room, toned, balanced motifs for the bedroom as well as modern, abstract patterns that will be perfect for any room, at our website you will find the one you need.