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Typographic prints are increasingly popular wall decorations which use the power of the word. Thanks to them, you can decorate the walls with your favorite sentence that will put you in a good mood after a hard day, or with a sentence that makes you think and reflect. Some typography prints combine a quote with a fun animal motif or a subtle nature inspired pattern. Typography prints from the bimago collection are unusual decorative graphics that will match your personalized interior and emphasize your interests.

Typography canvas

You don't have to be a calligrapher, linguist or writer to appreciate typographic paintings, you just need to be able to grasp their artistry and meaning. Paintings with letters are one of the latest trends and fit perfectly into modern and minimalist interiors. It's no wonder that contemporary designers are crazy about typography. Words in paintings with text can convey a strong message or create a good mood if they are based on a good joke. Paintings with letters are a great accent for a room - they can consist of quotes, words, names or simply initials that are close to your heart. In Bimago gallery you will find a wide range of fonts and colors of paintings with typography. The prints are made exclusively with environmentally friendly technology, the frame is made of wood from sustainable sources and the canvas is made of environmentally friendly materials.

In addition to the walls of the house, letterpress panels also fit well in formal workspaces such as offices, waiting rooms and reception areas. There's no reason you can't decorate a hair salon, library, or restaurant with them - they literally fit in anywhere! If you have a service business, don't forget that letterpress images are a great advertising option! Typographic images with funny sayings in cafes are very popular. Of course, they always refer to the drinks or sweets served there. If you like drinking coffee in a similar environment, why not hang a similar graphic in your kitchen? Typographic images are also very suitable to add to a gallery, which consists of several thematically connected images. It really doesn't get any easier than this. Place your order and in a few days you can beautify your walls with this unique wall decoration. It is an extremely fashionable accessory that surely everyone will want to have in their home.