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Angel wings on canvas are one of the decorative motifs that are always popular. These celestial beings personify perfection with no sign of pride, just goodness. Most often, they are used to decorating bedroom walls. Angel canvas as an artistic motif of a winged figure already existed in Ancient Egypt and Babylonia. At that time, these creatures were presented as winged animals with human faces. Currently, the image of angels in art has changed significantly. They can enchant your everyday home space and more private areas like bedroom.

Angel wings canvas wall art

According to Christianity, the guardian angel is an intangible being who takes care of a person - everyone has their own guardian angel from birth. If you are looking for a gift for a godchild or someone really close, an angel canvas will be the ideal gift for many occasions, such as a baby shower, baptism, First Communion or even a wedding. The view of angel wings on canvas helps us remember that there is always someone watching over us, someone who will provide security, and is capable of bringing peace and comfort in the most difficult moments of life. In bimago’s vast offer you will find both classic guardian angel paintings by great masters as well as modern angel paintings in the form of photos, sets for painting by numbers, angel prints on canvas, fallen angel canvas and many more.


Angel prints on canvas

The photo of an angel is a wall decoration that will be perfect for a vast variety of interiors, not only for a child’s room. A sweet cherub will compliment any space decorated in the chic style, and classic paintings by Raphael, Manet or Rubens will introduce a breath of luxury in a room as well as commercial spaces like restaurants or hotels, especially when elegantly framed. For those who like to make a statement and love modern design, we recommend photo-paintings with half-naked women in the form of angels or multi-part angel wings canvas wall art. Another great gift idea is the angel painting by numbers, which will allow you to create a beautiful decoration yourself. You can create a unique decoration for your home, while playing with colours and relaxing. A painting of an angel coloured entirely by you and your family will undoubtedly be a valuable keepsake for years to come. Hanging a painting depicting angel Saint Gabriel, Saint Michael and Saint Rafael side by side is also a great idea. And how would you arrange the images of Mont Saint Michel and Archangel Michael in your interiors?

Guardian angel painting

Angels are considered to be guardian spirits, protecting the home and its inhabitants, making them a popular gift choice for closest family and friends. A painting of a Guardian Angel can therefore be an interesting present for a young couple embarking on a new journey together or for a child on the occasion of baptism or communion. Paintings inspired by the works of the most famous creators, like the famous cherubs by Raphael, will make an excellent gift for fans of classic or romantic decorative accents.

Modern angel canvas art

An angel in a modern painting usually looks less like the classic depiction of the figure, making it a much more universal decoration. Colourful, abstract paintings or graphic depictions will fit fantastically into modernist and loft spaces, like a bedroom in the attic or a concrete wall in the living room. Angels in contemporary artists' paintings also fit well into eclectic interiors that combine elements of different cultures, making a wonderful addition to the home wall gallery.

Famous angel paintings

Looking for a unique and original decoration for your home? We have something suitable! Our canvas prints from the Guardian Angel collection are perfectly suited to any type of interior. They also make a great gift for loved ones, so why not give yourself or someone else a new interior decor? Famous angel paintings, such as The Annunciation or The Judgment of Paris, are also part of our collection with an angel motif. If you want your home to be elegant and full of harmonious motifs, we suggest browsing our modern paintings from the Guardian Angel collection as interior decorations! Besides their practical purpose of decorating a home or workplace, Guardian Angel paintings can also serve as an excellent gift idea.

Angel motif canvas

They're in your dreams, movies, and even favourite songs - now Guardian Angel paintings can also be on your walls! Angelic motifs have inspired artists for centuries, and now you can decorate your home with these heavenly images from Bimago. Among our collection of modern angel art, you'll find a collection of fabulous works inspired by celestial motifs. Our modern angel canvas art is available in two versions: standard and premium. The standard version is suitable for those who want to decorate the interior of their home quickly and impressively. The premium version is a print additionally covered with a glossy gel by our artists - making it appear hand-painted and more reminiscent of a painting than a regular canvas print.