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Mediterranean countries are one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. They lure tourists with warm waters, unique flora and monuments remembering the most ancient times! To create a substitute for the Southern European holiday climate in your interior, choose canvas prints of Mediterranean landscape and Santorini prints from bimago. The bimago collection of Mediterranean landscapes is a selection of the most beautiful photographs of Santorini, white and blue domes and flowery Italian streets - which one is your favorite?

Italian landscapes and Santorini postcard

A beautiful Mediterranean landscape - sunny Italy and picturesque Greece - is the dream and goal of many lovers of travel and new tastes. The Santorini canvas prints and prints on canvas with Italian landscapes are just perfect for the kitchen and dining room. The vivid colours of the works and the warmth emanating from them will perfectly harmonise with the energy accompanying cooking and dining together. Accessories in solid colours placed near the painting with an Italian landscape will perfectly complement the décor, and light-coloured furniture will create an exciting contrast. This decoration will also work well on the wall above a desk in an office or reading room. A tranquil Mediterranean landscape will make working or reading your favourite novel more pleasant and add a cosy atmosphere to the interior. Place a canvas print with Santorini or any Italian landscape at the entrance to your home, and you will always be greeted by a nice trinket when you return from work. Walls in shades of blue or yellow will bring additional associations with the Mediterranean life and complete the interior design.

Santorini canvas prints

Elegance can undoubtedly goes hand in hand with a touch of madness. The canvas prints depicting Santorini are excellent proof of that! The volcanic island immortalised on the canvas is a perfect solution for the living or guest room. The colourful landscape is a real eye-catcher, and its tranquillity gives the room a touch of class and subtlety. Hang the decoration on the wall above the TV table or next to the door; no one will miss it. The relaxing nature of the Santorini paintings will also work well in a bedroom or youth room. Such a decoration will look great in combination with bright modern-style furniture, such as a comfortable bed, a leather sofa or soft pouffes. The positive energy of the seaside paradise will appeal to household members of all ages and make the rooms feel cosier. You will find more similar motifs in the Mediterranean Landscapes photo wall mural collection.