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Purple appears in many shades and tones. One of the most beautiful parts of the purple colour palette is the lavender shade. The delicate and sensual tones of a lavender field will be an amazing accessory in your house! Prints of lavender from the bimago collection offer a panoramic view of the spectacular lavender fields filled with flowers. Although the lavender shade is shown on the prints in a monotonous way, in combination with other colours of your interiors it will look spectacular! Discover the refreshing style of prints with lavender flowers.

Lavender canvas wall art

Do you feel like transforming your home or office into a new space with interesting designs, but you lack ideas? If you are keen on some, then we have something perfect for you - our Lavender canvas wall art! Floral motifs in the form of canvas art prints have long been present among interior accessories, including all kinds of textiles, decorations on the walls and smaller elements. You might want to use delicate ornaments to create a romantic and sublime space in your bedroom, or large and vivid elements that are more empowering and energetic in your living room. Most of floral patterns will be a great addition of color and positive vibe into any kind of interior. Nature speaks for itself, so in most cases they will also introduce some sense of harmony. Our beautiful lavender canvas wall art and subtle colors will surely add everyone some energy and some nature connected feeling. Various techniques, choice of colors, number of elements – it’s all available on Bimago.


Lavender canvas print

Lavender is often to be found in herb gardens for their fragrant leaves and attractive flowers and delicate smell. Romans used lavender in their baths. The lavender canvas print are made using only eco – friendly technology, the frame is made with wood from sustainable sources and the canvas is made from materials that do not harm the environment. They are lightweight so that they can be hung on your wall using just mounting plaster – this way you avoid the mess of drilling and making unnecessary holes in your walls. This feature gives you an important option of mounting the canvas however you wish. Place a couple of canvases in an even row and introduce a tidy feel to the room, or do just the opposite – arrange them in an abstract way and introduce a breath of fresh air to the room and give it positive, new energy.

Lavender Prints

Despite its delicate and minimalist appearance, lavender, when viewed en masse blooming across expansive fields, captivates and impresses all who behold it. Our collection of lavender canvas prints at Bimago showcases the varied beauty of this enchanting purple flower. From slender, individual stalks and charming bouquets in decorative vases and baskets to idyllic Provençal landscapes, our range captures the essence of lavender in all its forms. Our selection extends beyond single canvases to include duets, triptychs, and lavender fields canvas prints composed of  5 multiple elements, allowing for a versatile array of decorating options. Whether you're looking to adorn your space with a single statement piece or create a themed wall gallery, our lavender prints offer coherence in theme and color, ensuring you find the ideal match for your decor or gifting needs.

Lavender Canvas Art

Lavender-themed artwork universally appeals, bringing a sense of harmony and elegance to any interior design. The selection of lavender paintings available at Bimago is not only stylish and original but also customizable in size to ensure a perfect fit for your space. Lavender prints on canvas are among our most popular choices, celebrated for their uniqueness and visual appeal as wall decor. In addition to standard canvas prints, Bimago offers acoustic paintings and premium prints featuring lavender, catering to a variety of aesthetic and functional preferences. For those with ample wall space to decorate, consider our XXL foldable lavender canvas art, designed to make a grand statement. Explore our extensive collection to discover the perfect lavender canvas prints to enhance your home or office, embodying the tranquil beauty and stylish charm of this beloved plant.