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Do you want to introduce a lot of positive energy and warmth to your interiors? The canvas prints with daisies in the bimago collection are the perfect way to brighten the space and elegantly weave in a motif of radiant spring to your house. Colourful decorations are the breath of fresh air and the first step to creating a meadow in your flat. A wide choice of motifs and sizes of the canvas prints will let you perfectly match a decoration to your interior.

Daisy Canvas Wall Art

Daisies are the perfect flower choice for spring-lovers! Fresh flowers can, unfortunately, be found only occasionally and cannot be enjoyed for very long, which is why daisy canvas wall art is a great solution for taking pleasure in the flowery pattern indoors permanently. Daisies symbolize new beginnings, happiness, joy and true love. No matter the colour, they will breathe some fresh air into our home. Whether it will be classic white, delicate pink or vivid carmine – flowers in such colours will go very well in the company of smooth, plain walls.

Gerbera Wall Art

Daisy canvas wall art doesn't have to be boring! Depending on our taste and style of interior design, we can pick a simple, classic-looking gerbera wall art with an intensely red or vividly yellow background. These wildflowers, as if painted by the hand of a child, look incredibly charming surrounded by lively colours. This sort of abstraction will work well in a nursery or in a living room that has an artsy flair. Daisy canvas art doesn't only present those flowers independently - daisies in the Bimago selection can be accompanied by poppies, for example. Such a composition is a great idea for a vibrant addition to our bedroom, just behind the bed. It will provide us with an image of a flowery meadow to fall asleep every night. How about the form of the canvas? That carries a multitude of possibilities as well – it can be a traditional canvas painting or a four-piece composition. These flower-filled parts can create a symmetrical structure or, just the opposite, they can be merged in quite an unconventional way. It all depends on our creativity and imagination. Daisies canvas prints can also make a brilliant idea for a surprise gift.