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Fashion Canvas Prints

Every fashion lover knows that haute couture - exclusive, handmade-to-order clothes - was born in France. That's why the paintings in the fashion series will perfectly match the panoramas of Paris. If you are interested in fashion, you probably do some sewing yourself. If you have a mannequin at home, it is necessary to place it next to the fashion painting, with which they will complement each other. With this high fashion board, your walls will always be fashionable! The history of fashion is a fascinating subject that can be discussed for hours. Show others that you know what class and elegance mean! Our graphic designers have come up with triptychs and other multi-part images to give the image an even more original, stylish touch. Perfect for commercial spaces and offices. A great fashion statement picture will add energy to the room and at the same time bring a certain spiritual feeling to the space.

Fashion art, Vogue and Chanel

We owe Coco Chanel a little black dress, tweed jacket, navy striped jersey top, straw hat and faux pearls. According to Time magazine, she is one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. Coco is an illustration of the American dream - "from zero to millionaire". - A poor orphan girl raised by nuns became the owner of a fashion empire. If you believe that dreams do come true, a painting of Coco hanging in your home or office can be an expression of that. The famous designer not only revolutionized fashion, but she also popularized a perfume that is still recognized around the world today: the Chanel No. 5. Pictures with fashion fit not only in the living rooms of elegant ladies, but also in a girl's room or a beauty or hair salon. You can easily accentuate them with decorations such as a jewelry holder, a fancy hat hung on the wall or high heeled shoes placed next to the picture, leaning against the wall.