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Unicorn Canvas Prints




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Unicorn prints are a great way to express the creative side of our souls! A wide variety of motifs connected to fantasy from bimago includes unicorns and fantasy decorative motifs! Unicorn prints and paintings for children's rooms depict mythical creatures in everyday settings. Canvas prints with unicorns from our collection will let you experiment with contrasts and adjust the visual aspects of your interior to your own preferences...

Unicorn Canvas Prints

With our Bimago Canvas Prints you can reach the farthest corners of your imagination. Do you feel like transforming your home, children's room or office into a new area with interesting design, but you lack ideas? Are you ready for a change or do you want to please your child? If you feel like some, then we have something perfect for you - our unicorn canvas prints. Unicorns had a breakthrough in the 1980s and early 90s, and once again they are making something of a comeback, appearing on everything from Starbucks coffee to makeup products, and even toast. Unicorns offer a good dose of levity and fantasy in what is, for many, a troubling time. A unicorn painting brings a positive vibe to your home, and it's nice to have them as a painting in your or your child's room. Multi-part murals with unicorn motifs add energy to the room and at the same time bring a spiritual feeling to the space.


Unicorn picture for children's room

We can trace the meaning of the word unicorn back through Old French into Middle English, and it comes from the Latin word unicornis. Commonly viewed as mythical animals, unicorns are typically portrayed as a pure white horse with a a single horn, straight and in many cases spiral, protruding from its forehead. Unicorns, dragons, mages, elves and other fantastic and mythical creatures are common elements in fantasy art. Fantasy art is closely associated with fantasy literature. In fact, fantasy artwork is often intended to depict specific characters or scenes from works of fantasy literature. Unicorn symbolism is associated with purity, freedom, gentleness, virginity, innocence, divinity, and magic. Christians believe that the unicorn symbol is that of Christ and Mother Mary herself. Your child will surely be delighted with a unicorn picture in their room.