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Introduce the image of the German capital city to your house thanks to the bimago collection of prints with the Berlin motif. It includes works of art inspired by the view of Berlin that can enrich your interiors! Prints and pictures of Berlin on canvas also include some of the most famous buildings of Berlin, like the Brandenburg Gate, the Museum Island and the Berlin cathedral. Prints of Berlin ideally suit the representative parts of the interiors, for example, living rooms, dining rooms, offices and working spaces. See the prints with the motif of Berlin from bimago.

Canvas prints of Berlin

Do you love visiting fascinating places but only sometimes have the time? Our Berlin prints are just the decor for you. From now on, you can admire this city's monumental buildings and charming corners without leaving your home. The world's magnificent landscapes and cultural heritage, i.e. monuments depicted in paintings of Berlin, will add style and elegance to any interior. Such decorations are perfect for the guest room and living room. The best way to decorate an interior is to hang a canvas print of Berlin above a dark leather sofa or place a multi-part work on the longest wall in the room. Paintings with Berlin views are also excellent artwork for the bedroom. For good exposure, hang the decoration above a cosy, large bed or opposite the door. The trendy theme of the print on canvas will give the room a metropolitan feel. It will blend perfectly with a modern style of furniture.


Prints of Berlin on canvas

Universal motifs, such as cities, do well in all rooms. Therefore, prints depicting Berlin cityscape are decorations for interiors such as the living room and bedroom and for the youth room, office or even hallway! A print with Berlin on the canvas will appeal to occupants of all ages. It will give the chosen room a touch of style without losing its feisty or austere character. Hang the decoration with vintage-style furniture and ensure the room is well-lit with elegant standing lamps. This unique arrangement is just one step away! Use canvas prints to decorate each wall or fill the free space with a wall decor composed of several pieces. The Berlin canvas prints are available in various sizes, so you can easily find the right one for your interior. If you're looking for more decorations inspired by similar motifs, look at our Berlin wall murals collection.

Berlin wall art

Berlin is the capital and also the largest city in Germany. No wonder, then, in that it attracts so many tourists and ex-pats every year. The Berlin canvas prints in our assortment will make you feel like you are there among the people of Berlin. Berlin is one of the cities alive during the day and at night. At the same time, it impresses with its impressive monuments, unique culture and exceptional character. Do you need more arguments to get your own canvas print of Berlin? In bimago, you will find a lot of exciting proposals; each one is original, like the city. We select products for the collection to meet the needs of even the most demanding people - that is why each Berlin canvas print is refined to the smallest detail. We have one-piece decorations and those consisting of several elements. The canvas prints of Berlin are an excellent choice for a gift for your loved ones who enjoy travelling.

Brandenburg Gate print and other monuments

Explore our offer of prints, and you will notice that the Berlin canvas prints mostly show the Brandenburg Gate. This is not a coincidence. It is one of Berlin's most recognisable monuments, eternally inscribed into the landscape of this city. It is a must-see attraction for tourists who visit Germany, and the monument is depicted on many postcards, souvenir magnets and photographs from travels. For that reason, the Brandenburg Gate print is the number one decoration for Berlin enthusiasts. However, you don't have to worry that this is the only motif you will see in the bimago collection. Bimago collection tours the German capital - from Alexanderplatz, the TV Tower, Museum Island, to the famous Kurfürstendamm avenue. At bimago, there are various types of wall decorations, and it is only up to you which one you choose to decorate your wall. Remember that all Berlin canvas prints are available in several sizes and can techniques - standard print, premium print or as acoustic artwork. You can select them next to the product's details before adding them to the cart.