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Who can resist the charm of a panda bear? These playful, furry animals won the hearts of people from all over the world! If you are among the admirers of pandas, panda paintings and panda prints from bimago will be the best choice! Photographies with panda captured on the bimago prints can become a part of your bedroom, kitchen or living room design - they match almost all decorations and interiors! Funny pictures with animals and colourful graphics with pandas in the form of canvas prints will be perfect for a kids' room. Decorate your wall with a panda bear!

Panda Canvas Prints

A giant panda, sometimes called a bamboo bear, is a mammal in the bear family, although it is sometimes classified as a member of the raccoon family. Although it is carnivorous, it feeds mainly on bamboo shoots. This cute bear is mainly associated with China, where it is revered. During the dynasties that ruled China a thousand years before Christ, the panda was described in chronicles and poems. It was called "pixiu" - an invincible animal, as strong as a tiger. Later on, the name "zoya" became popular, used to describe a peaceful creature that does not harm humans or other creatures. The panda is a symbol of happiness, respect, peace, hope, strength and protection. It teaches us to slow down in our lives and not act on the spur of the moment or sudden emotions. The painting with the panda will bring peace and balance to the room.


Panda canvas wall art

The panda on the board is a beautiful monochromatic addition to the home decor, which makes it easy to match with almost any decor. If you want your child's room to look stylish, but also to appeal to the person in question, opt for pretty black and white paintings. Pictures of a panda, zebra, raccoon or penguin hanging side by side on a pastel colored wall will look great. For centuries, giant pandas have been considered mythical creatures - right up there with dragons and unicorns. So you can also surround it with pictures with these amazing creatures, so loved by the little ones. Let's not forget another special panda: the red panda, which looks like a red raccoon. The painting with the red panda will perfectly enhance the interior, decorated with wooden furniture. Just pick the perfect jungle journey canvas that will perfectly fit your interior design, order, and in a few days’ time you will enjoy bedecking your walls with Bimago's canvas prints and see your personal space transform in three minutes or less.