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Do you love animals and close contact with nature? Are you inspired by interiors in the style of boho, safari, or ethnic, or do you want to add a bit of animalistic, fairy-tale atmosphere to your room? Pictures with animals from bimago will be a perfect decoration for every animal lover's room! Animal pictures will allow exotic animals to accompany you in the living room, children's room, as well as in the vet's practice. Choose the pattern and animal that best reflects your character and admire your new interior with pictures!

Forest animals canvas prints

Do you love decorations with animals in the lead but prefer something other than standard motifs? Forest animal paintings are the perfect choice for you. Canvas prints depicting a majestic deer, a subtle doe, a creeping fox or even a frog hidden among the leaves are certainly not among the dull and cliché designs. Canvas prints of forest animals will complement the room decorated in Scandinavian, rustic and classic styles. They will also work nicely in modern or even pop-art-style interiors. Some of our most popular designs are canvas prints with intense colours inspired by street art or constituting a funny collage. If one canvas print is not enough for you, discover ready-made sets, for example, in the form of a triptych or compose your own wall gallery from the designs available in our shop.


Sloth canvas prints

Wall decoration with unusual, less popular or funny animals, such as a painting of a sloth or a graphic with monkeys, is an ideal proposal for a teenager's room, a social room in your office or even a common room at school. Such a canvas will bring a great dose of humour and make the atmosphere facilitative to enjoyment and relaxation. Suggestions such as sloth paintings will also work well in places where you want to calm down and forget about the time pressure, for example, in a meditation room or therapy room. Other sociable or sleep-deprived animals, such as koalas or polar bears, will introduce the same relaxing effect as a sloth canvas print. On the other hand, in spaces where you need a high dose of energy and power, such as a gym or a martial arts studio, a canvas print of a buffalo, a graphic with a bull or a wild cat would be a finer choice. The possibilities are countless, and you are sure to find the perfect decoration in our shop.