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From King Kong, through Jane Goodall, to iconic costumes for Halloween, a magnificent gorilla appears in our imagination in some ever-new versions! The intelligent eyes of this noble creature seem to speak to us both with an understanding and a threat, just like the gorilla mum with her child expresses both fierce protectiveness and unusual tenderness. No matter if you are interested in a majestic gorilla, you will find it on canvas prints in the bimago collection! See our gallery and choose a painting of a gorilla for your wall.

Gorilla Canvas

Monkeys are the closest relatives to humans. This closeness may be what makes the monkey paintings so rich in symbolism. The gorilla is the largest member of the primates. An adult mountain gorilla can reach a height of over 180 cm and a weight of over 220 kg. These animals live in the wild in small areas of central Africa. They are a critically endangered species, so why not pay tribute to them by decorating the interior of your home or workplace with a gorilla painting. Gorillas are animals famous for their strength - this mammal is capable of lifting the weight of nearly a ton! They are also intelligent creatures, their DNA is close to human DNA. A painting with a gorilla can symbolize: back to basics, communication, leadership, loyalty, intelligence, strength, tenderness and benevolence, nobility, dignity, responsibility. All these qualities correspond to the character and behavior of the gorilla that we can observe in the wild.


Gorilla canvas art

The Gorilla Canvas Prints are made using only eco – friendly technology, the frame is made with wood from sustainable sources and the canvas is made from materials that do not harm the environment. They are lightweight so that they can be hung on your wall using just mounting plaster – this way you avoid the mess of drilling and making unnecessary holes in your walls. This feature gives you an important option of mounting the canvas however you wish. Place a couple of canvases in an even row and introduce a tidy feel to the room or do just the opposite – arrange them in an abstract way and introduce a breath of fresh air to the room and give it positive, new energy. It really does not get any easier. Just pick the perfect gorilla canvas print that will perfectly fit your interior design, order, and in a few days’ time you will enjoy bedecking your walls with Bimago's canvas prints and see your personal space transform in three minutes or less.