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Symbolizing unlimited freedom, birds have aroused human interest and admiration for centuries. No wonder, because the world of birds is extremely fascinating! Ornithological motifs, such as the image of a bird, are also very popular and can easily be found in the space around us. Flamingos, nightingales, owls, parrots, herons and many other species enrich our world, and their colorful plumage delights. In bimago you will find a rich collection of birds prints inspired by the world of birds, which will add lightness to your interior!

Bird Canvas

Bird paintings on canvas are a great idea for interior design and give it an exotic character. Saturated and sharp colours with dominant shades of pink and beige look insanely hung in a frame. Bird Canvas with bright colours are a hit when we want to create a slightly candy-coloured look in our flat. In this case it will work well on the living room wall, on white, beige or cream walls. Good additions will be those in glamour style or even slightly oriental patterns. Images with flamingos are especially recommended to people who appreciate floral arrangements of flats, because these graphics feel best when surrounded by flowers and plants, such as monstera leaves. A lot of light and greenery will emphasize the exotic character of the decoration. Paintings painted in watercolours are a perfect choice if we want to surprise our partner and build a romantic mood in our bedroom. Decorations with a flamingo motif can also be an inspiration in arranging a girl's room. Thanks to the candy aesthetics, they will appeal to younger girls, who want a decor worthy of a princess. A bed with a canopy or pink turning into fuchsia will work perfectly in this combination. This is an interesting idea which is worth trying out! Picture of owls and other birds

Bird Canvas Wall Art

Bird canvas depicting birds is definitely the best choice if we want to create a naturalistic interior close to nature. Such decorations can be often found in forest cottages, not without a reason, because they work perfectly well in combination with wood panelling and wooden accessories. Paintings depicting a woodpecker, titmouse or sparrow can be hung in the kitchen, giving it a slightly homely character. If we want to arrange a rustic interior, wicker, linen or fabric accessories will be a perfect choice. Paintings on canvas painted in watercolours, thanks to their delicate and soft shapes and colours, look good in a child's room. On the other hand, photographs and graphics are a perfect gift for ornithologists and fauna lovers. Birds made in a minimalist style will perfectly decorate a'la Scandinavian interior, giving it lightness and emphasizing its simple form. Hanging above the sofa in the living room, it is worth to juxtapose with paintings depicting other birds and animals. Owls, on the other hand, as a symbol of wisdom, will be perfect for a study or a reading room, where we work or study. A framed painting will look beautiful over a desk or next to a wooden bookcase. Picture of parrots and colourful prints on canvas. With the help of bird paintings canvas, you will be able to decorate not only your four corners, but also the workplace. Exotic patterns are a great idea for the arrangement of a travel agency or a beauty salon. If you want to take your client on a journey to warm countries, it is good to welcome him/her with motifs from jungles and Caribbean. Colourful bird canvas will complete the arrangement, and if you hang them next to potted plants hanging from the ceiling or wall. You can use them to create a relaxing corner. Canvas prints with parrots can also be found in a minimalistic version, which will be suitable, for example, in a study, accompanied by metallic accessories. Birds feel comfortable in oriental style. Screens or a'la Chinese lanterns look flawless against the background of ara parrots. We also recommend juxtaposing them with multipart paintings made in the Far East style on a parallel wall.