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Canvas Happy bears
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Bears have many natures. On the one hand, they bring to mind fascinating, yet dangerous predators that no one would like to meet on a mountain path, while on the other - friendly characters from children's cartoons, which is reflected in the variety of motifs available in bimago! Bear prints and paintings are the wall decorations that will help you create an unconventional design for a living room, hall, paediatrician office, kindergarten class or kid's room. See all the bear prints in bimago!

Bear Canvas Prints

Bears have always earned human respect: they are strong, dangerous, but not dumb either. Many North American Indians held bears in high regard. Some tribes even considered bears to be sacred animals. The European peoples, on the other hand, considered the bear as a symbol of war and courage. The bear represents all the qualities of a "noble warrior" - careful gentleness, strength, courage, sacrifice. A special example of a bear is the one with white fur. Thus, the polar bear represents purity of heart and intelligence, which characterize these animals. A bear canvas will best suit minimalist Scandinavian interiors, classic rustic rooms and raw industrial spaces. A bear painting hung in your office or living room will give your guests a clear signal of the values you hold dear. You may choose to hang two paintings side by side: one with a polar bear, the other with a brown bear, which will symbolize the Lord and Lady of the House.

Polar bear wall art

It is impossible not to mention this particular "kind" of teddy bear, which accompanies us since our earliest childhood and keeps the dreams of children around the world. The sight of a teddy bear with a charming face is, for many people, a return in grace to their carefree childhood. Interestingly, it is the bear, whose prototype is scary, that has become the most friendly playmate. Paintings with teddy bears in the form of triptychs will not only be appreciated by children, but will also be a very elegant decoration of their rooms. In the offer of online store Bimago you can also find high quality prints - in classic or premium version. The latter variant is distinguished by a very realistic texture and high gloss. Place your order and in just a few days you can beautify your walls with this unique wall decoration. It is an extremely fashionable accessory that everyone will surely want to have in their home.