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Who said that prints are suitable only for living rooms or bedrooms? Acrylic prints are a great idea for decorating every space in the house, including bathrooms and kitchen! They are flexible, water- and scratch-resistant, and also have a lot of aesthetic qualities. Their shiny and perfectly smooth surface perfectly bring out the depth of colours, and the whole give the interior a unique Glamour effect! Choose from many types of acrylic prints photo. Find an idea for decoration with bimago shop.

Acrylic Prints Glass

Acrylic prints are characterized by bright colors, bold brushstrokes and clean lines. One of the medium's most attractive features is its ability to be used on a variety of surfaces like glass and mixed with other media. Acrylic painting, painting based on synthetic acrylic resins. Acrylic resins dry quickly, serve as a carrier for any type of pigment, and are able to achieve both the transparent brilliance of watercolors and the density of oil paints. Prints in glass are a must-have in any interior. Acrylic prints are a popular and simple way to add flair and positive energy to your interior. Beautiful prints in glass on the wall in the kitchen or dining room will impress all friends and family members and make them try all the colorful dishes you prepare. Visit bimago today and choose your glass prints.


Splashback Prints

Splashback is a promising alternative to glass. At bimago you can find many functional and attractive wall coverings (not only) for your kitchen. We offer a wide choice of glass splashback prints. Discover your design possibilities with splashback. We will be happy to advise you on the many ways to use our wall cladding in your living and kitchen area in a practical and exclusive way. You need to check out our store and discover our acrylic prints photo collection and bimago glass acrylic prints. Give your home a new vibe and a fresh feeling with our glass prints collection.

Acrylic glass pictures for the bathroom

Acrylic glass pictures from bimago are designed to preserve all the advantages of classic glass printing without its disadvantages – fragility or heavy weight. They are made from one of the most valued materials in interior architecture, polymethyl methacrylate. This polymer is rigid and colourless like glass, hence its popular name: acrylic glass. Like glass, it has a very high (exceeding 90%) light transmission rate and does not discolour under the influence of UV radiation. This ensures that the pictures on glass can be enjoyed in wonderful, vibrant colours. However, unlike traditional glass, this material is significantly lighter (by up to half!) and more durable: more flexible and resistant to shattering.

Prints protected behind acrylic glass can easily be hung in any room. Glass pictures can adorn spaces with high humidity, even in bathrooms or kitchens, where traditional wall decorations could be damaged. Kitchen glass graphics in beautiful colours will successfully revitalise the interior. Our collection includes stunning flowers, landscapes, and fruits and vegetables. A glass picture for the bathroom is also easy to keep clean, its surface can be wiped with a damp cloth. This makes it an ideal decoration in rooms prone to damage like the kitchen. A wide selection of designs ensures that the right decoration can be found for any type of bathroom - modern, retro, or minimalist. Our collection of glass pictures also includes dedicated kitchen designs. Glass pictures with culinary motifs or universal landscapes and flowers - it's up to you how you decorate your space.

Vertical glass pictures

Glass pictures are a waterproof wall decoration that can also be hung in a bathroom or toilet. In these rooms, due to steam, we have limited options for decorating our walls. Often these spaces are small, so space ergonomics is important. Vertical glass pictures allow for use in any, even difficult, space. A glass picture for the bathroom will help create a unique interior arrangement. A colourful print will bring colours and change the look of the interior in a simple way.

A glass picture can also look beautiful in other rooms. Three-dimensional depth and a delicate gloss mean that this decoration intriguingly looks in daylight. Our collection includes dedicated living room glass pictures. Multi-part patterns, vertical or panoramic pictures, with the most fashionable and modern motifs can become a leading theme in the interior. A glass picture for the living room will undoubtedly match both modern, white interiors and arrangements in darker colours. Glass wall decorations in several parts can be hung above a sofa or table. Such a decoration will fill empty space and introduce an interesting colour accent to the room.

In our bedroom, it's worth choosing decorations that will have a relaxing effect on us. Undoubtedly, a glass picture with a forest landscape or an original abstraction will allow us to achieve the desired character in the interior. Vertical glass pictures will look great at the head of the bed, above bedside cabinets. You can choose different patterns with a leading motif to gain an original arrangement. Glass pictures for the bedroom in multi-part versions or panoramic format can be hung above the bed. Meanwhile, vertical glass pictures will beautifully present themselves by the dressing table.

As you can see, there are really many ways to arrange with glass pictures. Whether we are looking for the perfect decoration for the living room, bedroom, or bathroom, the Acrylic Glass Picture collection will undoubtedly help us in interior decoration. Acrylic glass landscape and floral prints
Finding the right wall decorations can be a challenge, especially in more humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. With the needs of those seeking durable and easy-to-maintain artwork in mind, we have prepared a special collection of prints on acrylic glass. Our collection also includes dedicated designs for these spaces. Among the acrylic prints for kitchens, culinary motifs certainly stand out. Glass wall decorations featuring fruits, vegetables, or coffee will undoubtedly add charm to any space. These motifs are also perfectly suited for use in gastronomic establishments, shops, or restaurants.

Stunning photographs of nature are decorations that can adorn any interior. An acrylic print of the sea will fit beautifully in both bathrooms and living rooms. Our collection boasts a wide selection of beautiful landscapes. Among the acrylic landscape prints, you’ll find forest and exotic sceneries, beaches, and majestic mountains. If you’re looking for other nature-inspired inspirations, our acrylic floral prints should also appeal to you. Our living room acrylic prints with flowers captivate with their beautiful colours. For those seeking modern designs, we recommend our abstract floral patterns.

Acrylic glass black and white and abstract prints

An acrylic print is undoubtedly a striking wall decoration that adds a modern and elegant character to any interior. The unique effect is achieved through the properties of acrylic glass and decorative motifs. If you’re looking for an extraordinary wall decoration, this collection will surely have a design for you. 3D acrylic prints are exceptional compositions designed to create a three-dimensional effect. These designs are recommended for display in spacious rooms to be properly showcased.

In modern interiors, we also recommend abstract acrylic prints in fashionable colours. Our collection includes both monochromatic compositions and multicoloured wall decorations. Black and white acrylic prints are distinguished by their extraordinary elegance, making them suitable for living rooms or halls. Abstract acrylic prints fit well in both residential interiors and office spaces.

We invite you to explore our collection of acrylic prints, where you’re certain to find something for your home. Their high resistance to damage and modern graphics ensure that such decorations will look fantastic in any room.

3D acrylic prints

3D acrylic prints are an unconventional and highly effective decoration for your home. This addition impresses with its incredible colour depth, and thanks to advanced UV technology, it guarantees perfect reproduction of all nuances of the graphics on glass, capturing its light reflections and creating a stunning effect. Moreover, 3D acrylic prints are decorations that visually enlarge the space. Therefore, considering acrylic prints for the living room, as well as unique versions for the bathroom, is a worthy idea. Hanging such a decoration is a great way to diversify the appearance of this room. If you add modern bathroom fixtures, trendy tiles in a fashionable colour, and spot lighting, you will surely create a stylish interior that is also a wonderful relaxation zone. Interesting options also include acrylic prints for the kitchen. Such an impressive decoration deserves a central spot, for example, above the table where you undoubtedly spend a lot of time with your loved ones.

Graphics on glass

If you want to create a stunning arrangement that catches the attention of your guests and you’re looking for unique interior design solutions, it turns out that the devil is in the details! Accessories are what give every four walls a unique expression. The guarantee of a sensational effect are acrylic prints for the living room, as well as other, not only domestic, spaces. Such decorations will also enhance the look of a trendy waiting room, boutique, restaurant, or office, where they will inspire action and creativity. Graphics on glass are a universal decoration, so they fit well both in modern spaces and in those maintained in a glamour style, which enjoys deliberate combinations of elegant glass with classic gold. Acrylic prints will revitalise any room and highlight its unique character. They are mounted using discreet hooks, ensuring that nothing will spoil the expected visual effect.

You can pair a glass print with other decorations, such as wallpapers or posters. An original wall gallery will transform the decor of your home. Discover bimago products - glass prints, canvas prints, posters, wallpapers, and photo wallpapers. Various motifs and colours mean our decorations will match any interior.

Glass prints for the living room

Acrylic prints from bimago will surprise you not only with their attention to detail but also with their durability. Each decoration is meticulously crafted and protected against mechanical damage. Acrylic landscape prints and other motifs are moisture-resistant. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which room you place them in, as they will retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time. We thus recommend acrylic prints for the kitchen, not just for the living room or bedroom. If you wish, place such decorations in the hallway too. This way, everyone who visits will immediately notice and commend your acrylic prints. We have many interesting motifs, so you will surely find something to your liking. Pay attention to our 3D acrylic prints, among others.

Acrylic prints for the kitchen

Glass prints for the living room are very popular, but as we've already mentioned, they're also an excellent choice for the kitchen. You don't have to worry about accidentally soiling your decoration and losing its elegant appearance. Acrylic prints for the kitchen are a safe choice and an interesting alternative to posters, for instance. They are sturdy enough to even be used in the bathroom, thus in another room with increased humidity. A kitchen glass print allows you to fill empty space and create a fully cosy place. Remember, this room is the heart of the home, so its decoration plays a significant role. Explore all the patterns and decide what will fit into your arrangement. It could be a floral glass print, a picturesque landscape, or a colourful abstraction – choose what you like the most. Importantly, our collection includes not only standard decorations but also multi-part compositions. We recommend such glass prints for the living room as well as the dining room.