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Canvas prints - modern art, photo canvas , print on canvas

In ourcanvas prints gallery you can find more than 12028 designs, with various motifs! Our bimago shop offer contains: unique compositions of flowers, abstract oil paintings, portraits, classic landscapes, colorful canvas wall art for kids and other kind of outstanding forms of wall art! For modern art lovers, we recommend cities canvas paintings and canvas prints collection, which you can find in our bimago gallery. For classic art lovers we’ve created a dedicated offer, which consists from famous reproductions and beautiful handmade canvas paintings. The categories in our gallery will help you find the best canvas photos for your kitchen, living room or office. The intense colors of our wall pictures will change your home design into more stylish one and our original designs will create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your home. Moreover, you can order all our products in various versions: in form of acrylic painting, canvas print, or paintings created with Premium Print technique. Choose the type of technique which is right fo your lifestyle and your home design and let amazing wall art beautify your home!

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Canvas art for your apartment

Dreaming about bringing new quality to your home design? Do you suffer from lack of inspiration? Are you not sure which style is really “yours”? Or maybe you already know it, but you are wondering which type of decoration will be a perfect choice: print on canvas, canvas painting, poster or maybe canvas art set? Don’t worry! With our help, you will find ideal wall decoration element in very fast and easy way! Take a look at our canvas prints gallery and we assure you, that you will find something, which matches your furniture and your home design. For kitchen the best solution will be warm colors, flowers motifs and hand painted canvas. For living rooms you can choose bright canvas paintings, while landscapes and romantic motifs are more recommended to put it on bedroom walls. Canvas prints will create a lovely atmosphere of elegance and will look great in bathroom. Colorful canvas sets and triptychs are recommended for smaller apartments. In the bimago collection you can find canvas art, which will change your rooms interiors recognizably!

Canvas art- amazing wall pictures

Canvas paintings, in our gallery are made by artists, who have graduated from the best art schools. The best quality of decorations is guaranteed by use of acrylic paint, which is famous for its intense colors. We don't use any detergents while our painting process, so our acrylic products don’t have any undesirable smell. To make our canvas paintings we use original Italian art canvas cotton, which is famous for its good structure and high quality. Our handmade paintings are prepared separately, according to orders and this is the reason, why it takes some days to produce them. A canvas wall art is a unique kind of art, which is surely worth waiting for. In our bimago gallery you can find hand painted canvas of animals, landscapes, flowers and many more. The big intensity of colors is probably the biggest advantage of these paintings. Handmade acrylic painting will make a great impression in your bedroom, living room or bathroom. Our artists have wide experience and knowledge, what guarantees, that every art work will present the essence of art’s beauty.

Canvas prints- easy and cheap way to decorate your home

Framed canvas paintings are one of a kind decorations for walls to dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms . In bimago collection you can find a lot of different motifs: canvas prints of cities, abstract, landscapes, flowers or child-friendly motifs. Our big choice of motifs guarantees, that everybody can find the particular piece of art, which he is looking for. Our canvas prints are available to order in two different printing techniques. The first technique is called Premium Print. By using this technique, we add additional, handmade surface structure, which gives a new dimension effect and thanks to that it resembles a classic, hand painted canvas. The second method is called painting on printed canvas. Thanks to the best quality, you can see even the smallest details. This peculiar technique is perfect for canvas with landscapes, architectural pictures and portraits. Canvas prints can be produced in many, different sizes- all motifs can be created in the size you prefer. Our paintings are made in a way that covers the whole frame and therefore can be put directly on your wall with no need of buying any extra frame. We encourage you to check our bimago gallery, where you can find a wide array of products- not only modern canvas prints, but also worldwide known works of art!

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Canvas Paintings, Custom Prints and Triptychs

102 products found in category


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  2. Style: Rustic
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Wall painting Funny cats

Canvas "Funny cats"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Decorative painting Magic Tree

Canvas "Magic Tree"

From: $49.01 $38.71
Decorative painting Autumn Walk

Canvas "Autumn Walk"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Decorative painting Face of tree

Canvas "Face of tree"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Decorative painting Golden horizon

Canvas "Golden horizon"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Contemporary painting Little leaves

Canvas "Little leaves"

From: $49.01 $38.71
Wall painting Snail tree

Canvas "Snail tree"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Decorative painting Loneliness

Canvas "Loneliness"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Wall painting Fairyland

Canvas "Fairyland"

From: $49.01 $38.71
Contemporary painting Fairy tale night

Canvas "Fairy tale night"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Wall painting Tuscany in sun

Canvas "Tuscany in sun"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Contemporary painting On savannah I

Canvas "On savannah I"

From: $89.00 $70.30
Wall painting Support the sky

Canvas "Support the sky"

From: $29.00 $22.91
Wall painting Two shy giraffes

Canvas "Two shy giraffes"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Modern painting Cat stories

Canvas "Cat stories"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Contemporary painting Strong men

Canvas "Strong men"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Decorative painting African tribute

Canvas "African tribute"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Contemporary painting Three warriors

Canvas "Three warriors"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Contemporary painting Tempting dance

Canvas "Tempting dance"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Wall painting Cave of trysts

Canvas "Cave of trysts"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Modern painting Water source

Canvas "Water source"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Decorative painting Elephants

Canvas "Elephants"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Contemporary painting Family

Canvas "Family"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Wall painting African ritual

Canvas "African ritual"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Wall painting Deformated faces

Canvas "Deformated faces"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Modern painting Square faces

Canvas "Square faces"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Decorative painting Creation

Canvas "Creation"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Modern painting Dance of senses

Canvas "Dance of senses"

From: $49.01 $38.71
Wall painting Figures

Canvas "Figures"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Wall painting Lolita

Canvas "Lolita"

From: $49.01 $38.71
Contemporary painting Soulless women

Canvas "Soulless women"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Contemporary painting Egiptian waiters

Canvas "Egiptian waiters"

From: $69.00 $54.51
Contemporary painting Colourful houses

Canvas "Colourful houses"

From: $69.00 $54.51
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