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Are you looking for a subtle addition to your home interior, which will help you create a serene atmosphere? Check out our collection watercolours paintings and paintings watercolours flowers and landscapes from Bimago! Among the incredible decorations, which are distinguished by their delicate and ethernal form, you will find, among others, floral motifs, meadows, fields, patterns inspired by the world of animals, as well as still life and paintings with human figures and famous metropolises, which have conquered the hearts of many people. Choose your favourite watercolour motif on canvas and give an original character to your interior.

Watercolor Canvas Prints

Canvases painted with watercolors are a popular art form. The main characteristic of such canvases is their very delicate, almost ethereal form. Watercolor paints are water-based paints, which do not completely cover the canvas they are painted on. Hence, watercolor paintings are considered to be a very subtle, but very expressive addition to the interior decor. A popular motif of watercolor paintings are various fairy-tale landscapes as well as widely understood still life. In the offer of Bimago store you will find many watercolor paintings with such a motif. Picturesque and very subtle flowers, fields and meadows as well as fruits and vegetables - the choice is huge. Watercolor paints depict the most popular European metropolises such as Rome, Berlin or even Venice. Such diversity guarantees that both the fan of the urban jungle, as well as the classic one, will find something for themselves in our store.

Watercolor canvas art

Watercolor paintings are a very delicate accessory to every interior. Nature motifs and urban landscapes will perfectly fit into a minimalistic interior design. They will be favored by a smooth wall. Delicate, pastel colors or classic white will emphasize the watercolor paintings. The character of such paintings can also be enhanced with a properly chosen frame. In case of watercolor paintings a frame made of natural wood will work especially well. Watercolor canvases are available in several attractive variants. Lovers of classics will be delighted with hand-painted pictures. But in the offer of online store Bimago you can also find high quality prints - in classic or premium version. The latter variant is distinguished by a very realistic texture and high gloss. Place your order and in just a few days you can beautify your walls with this unique wall decoration. It is an extremely fashionable accessory that everyone will surely want to have in their home.