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We admire them from afar - only a few are allowed to reach the top and experience the view from the peak. Himalayas, Karakorum and the Alps are the breathtaking essence of freedom and show the full extent of human capabilities! Now you can admire their beauty thanks to wall murals with the theme of mountains from bimago. Mountain wall murals, Tatra mountains or modern mountain wall murals are not only life-like panoramas but also minimalistic illustrations in a wide range of colours. Find your favorite scenery and feel like a Wanderer above the Sea of Fog!

3D Mountain wall murals

Distant snow-capped peaks, close-ups of joyously cascading streams over rocks, or picturesque, almost mystical views of peaks emerging from dense fog are just a few examples of mountain murals from bimago's offering. They all impress with perfect reality representation, colour intensity, and extraordinary depth of expression. However, the real premium class in this category is the 3D mountains wall mural. Their extraordinary realism creates the impression, when looking at a wall decorated in this way, that one is facing real mountain ranges. So, if you dream of hikes in the Tatra Mountains or an Alpine climb, but don't have plans to venture into these areas soon, opt for high-quality wall decoration and enjoy the fantastic view in your own home or office.

Mountain mural

One doesn't need to be an avid mountaineer or Himalayan climber to appreciate the beauty, majesty, and sometimes terror of the mountains. They are one of the few elements of nature that inspire awe and humility in everyone. It's well known that among the peaks, one can feel freedom but also the strength and power of nature, which is excellently captured by mountain murals. That's why they so often appear in decorations, paintings, and all forms of art. Mountain murals are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to introduce a bit of the extraordinary aura that these magnificent colossi radiate into their interior. Combined with a simple arrangement, raw materials such as wood or concrete, and a neutral colour palette, they create an interior that will appeal to everyone. Mountain murals are a must-have in a stylish home, especially when the choice of themes and patterns is as vast as in the Bimago collection. 3D mountain murals astonish with realism, while those resembling paintings successfully replace posters and wall paintings.

Mountain mural in the mist

What distinguishes mountain murals is their extraordinary quality, attention to detail, and perfect rendition of the atmosphere within them. Every hiking enthusiast will confirm that such a decoration will be at least a small substitute for real mountainous terrains, improving mood when setting out on a trail is currently impossible. A mountain mural will fill your bedroom, living room, or office with tranquillity and allow you to work more efficiently or relax. Choose the right motif for yourself and decorate your home with it. A mountain mural in the mist is perfect for raw industrial or Scandinavian interiors, but these are not the only places where you can place it. Check out the entire category and choose something for yourself. Let the mountain mural amaze your family and friends.

Kids mountain wall mural

How to excite children’s imagination and at the same time, decorate their rooms stylishly? Bimago’s series of kids’ mountain murals will do the job! In the centre of our colourful wall arts, you will find amusing animals, mighty trees and heavenly sky with wonderful mountainous views that stifle creativity. The rich accents on our mountain murals inspire and entertain. Thanks to their simple but clever design, they will be a lovely decoration for nurseries as well. With our DIY painted mountain murals, your child will embark on a new and exciting adventure full of colours and joy. Bimago's wall arts come in many different sizes, so even when the baby room is not spacious, you will find the right mountain decoration in our offer. One idea is to place the mural on the whole wall or cover only one part of it. Whatever your choice, your child will appreciate it!

Misty mountain scene wall murals

Spectacular views with majestic mountains hiding in mist in your home? With our series of nature-inspired murals, all of that and more is possible! Whether you are a mountaineer or just a fan of spectacular views, you will fall head over heels in love with the mysterious landscapes. You may choose from a wide range of misty mountain murals, rocky mountain wall arts as well as black and white pieces. There are also ombre mountain wall arts inspired by modern interior design and warmly-coloured pieces with lonely deer in the heart of them. As they are easy to apply, you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes in the blink of an eye. They will bring a certain mystery and breath-taking grandeur to your bedroom, sitting room or even a hall. Just imagine how inspired your guests the next time they drop by. Surely, they will not pass indifferently and will take a while to admire the picturesque views.