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An infant's room is a special place where there should be an unusually cozy atmosphere. Dedicated murals for a baby room from bimago, featuring fairy tale characters, cute animals or minimalist motifs in Scandinavian style can create a unique atmosphere! Choose the perfect decoration for your little kid and bring peace and tranquility to the interior. Murals for baby's room are the most beautiful murals for children with animals, which will help in the development of your little one! Choose your favourite mural and create a magical space for your child.

Wall Murals For Nursery

There is no better way to create the right atmosphere in a room than with the use of wallpaper. When it comes to interiors, there is one room in particular where the mood and ambience truly matter - a nursery. Little children need the feeling of safety and a cosy vibe in a room to be calm and happy. Instead of cold, white walls, you can decide on a mural for nursery that will redesign the whole room. In our collection, everyone can find something suitable for their houses. We have decorations in all styles and colour schemes. Whether you are looking for pastel wall murals for nursery or the ones in bright colours, you can order them here. Different motifs, from animals to vehicles and even abstract patterns, make it easy to pick this one decoration that will satisfy you and your little one. We have a mural for nursery in the retro style, inspired by paintings or with modern cartoons and graphics. We are sure that no matter what design you have in mind, there will be something suitable in this collection.

Nursery Mountain Mural

Some motifs that are available in our collection are especially popular for two reasons. First, they are beautiful and trendy, so a room becomes stylish. The second reason is that such decorations are perfect both for girls and boys, so they can be used, for instance, in a shared room. Among such motifs are mountains of all sorts. This can be a nursery mountain mural with a realistic picture, but more common are graphic and cartoon decorations. Such wallpapers are available in our collection. You can pick a beautiful mural with this popular motif in a few colour palettes, so they will match other accessories and furniture. Blue, grey and yellow are the most common shades of these wallpapers, and as you can see, they are neutral and perfect for boys and girls. Pick a nursery wall mural that caught your eye and create a space where your child will feel safe and happy. It's easy if you only choose the best decorations possible.

Jungle Mural Nursery

If you think of decorations for a nursery and a child's bedroom, one motif instantly comes to mind. Animals are a popular theme for all kinds of accessories, from toys to wall murals. That's why we could not lack them in our collection. Instead of common, well-known animals, we decided to bet on unusual decorations. Jungle mural nursery will be a great choice for a little boy as well as a girl. Colourful decoration and exotic animals will create a light, pleasant atmosphere in a room and will invigorate your little one. If you prefer lighter shades and more neutral tones, a good choice would be a safari mural nursery. Lions, giraffes, zebras and many more animals are one-of-a-kind decorations for your child's room. Who knows, maybe such a wallpaper will awake some passion for exploring and travelling in your growing child? The environment of a baby has an influence on their mind, so a nice mural can really make a difference. Remember about it and pick a beautiful wallpaper from our collection.

Nursery Wall Mural Ideas

The process of renovating the nursery is time-consuming, but you need to be sure that you remember every little detail. It's the space where your little one spends most time in the day, so the place has to be cosy and pleasant. If you are still looking for some inspiration, our collection of murals for nurseries can be a good source of new ideas. We have various products, from woodland nursery mural to colourful cartoons and geometric patterns. In the bimago store, you will certainly find inspiration and the wallpaper you are looking for. All our products are available in a few different sizes, so you can hang them on every wall or only on one of them (maybe even on some part of it only). The nursery wall mural that you will choose can be delivered to you on a non-woven or self-adhesive material. Both versions are easy to install, so you will have no difficulty during your renovations. Every product we offer is durable and made with care for every, even the tiniest of details.