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With the wall mural architecture you will be able to enjoy an aromatic cappuccino at Rue Cler in Paris, indulge in Italian cuisine at Piazza Navona in Rome or admire the River Thames directly from the London Eye. Thanks to such a wall decoration, you will effortlessly recreate the atmosphere of your favourite city in the comfort of our own home. Wall murals streets, bridges or steps with a 3D effect will additionally brighten up and and visually enlarge your home interior. If you care about getting the best quality, attention to detail, full colour depth and modern design, choose wall murals from Bimago collection.

Architectural photo wall mural

Are you looking for an idea for the decoration of your office or flat, but you find the classic solutions lacking in originality and style? A large-format wall mural with architecture as the main motif is the perfect solution! It can be an impressive panorama of New York, a view of a misty London or sun-drenched streets in a small Italian town. In the bimago offer, every lover of beautiful, urban landscapes will easily find something for himself. Especially on our prints, even well-known and popular places are presented in many different ways. Sometimes it is a bird's-eye view; another time, a close-up of interesting building details, and still another - the so-called frog perspective. Thanks to such variety, it is possible to avoid boredom even when one city or architectural object appears in several rooms of the same office or flat. However, choosing a wall mural with pictures of architecture is a way to create an amazing atmosphere at home or in the workplace and an interesting idea for optically enlarging interiors. Spatial graphics, perfectly reproducing real views and landscapes, will add depth to even the smallest rooms, which is why they are perfect for studios and small or narrow rooms. An additional advantage of the wall mural is that it allows you to carry out a quick, simple, independent interior metamorphosis. Especially if you choose the self-adhesive variant, you will enjoy a unique urban view on your wall in just a few moments.

Murals of buildings

Everyone has a travel dream or, among a million memories, stores an image of a place that made an extraordinary impression on them. So why not be able to enjoy this view every day and in your own home? After all, there is nothing more pleasant than waking up in the morning and looking straight from your bedroom bed at the most beautiful buildings in the world or the historic districts of major European cities - Paris, London or Berlin. On the wall in the living room or office, on the other hand, images of modern architectural designs, gleaming with metal and sheets of glass, will look great. This could be Shanghai, Dubai or New York's Manhattan. An interesting design idea is a fleece mural adorning a wall mural in the kitchen or dining room. In the latter place, a picture showing a secluded, picturesque corner of Paris or a Mediterranean town will be perfect. In such a setting, even having your morning coffee or a simple dinner becomes an extraordinary event and a unique experience.

Black and white architecture murals

Colourful and incredibly realistic wall murals starring architecture are great for adding a fresh and modern feel to interiors. Some spaces, however, require a more subdued atmosphere and multicoloured outdoor settings may not fit. This is where elegant and stylish black and white wall murals come to the rescue. Monochrome panoramas of world capitals fit perfectly into the atmosphere of modern office interiors, minimalist furnished offices and business spaces. Grey-coloured murals depicting cityscapes in sketches, for example, made in pencil, are ideal for loft-style interiors. This type of decoration harmonises perfectly with concrete, an imposing stone wall mural or raw brick on the adjoining walls while emphasising the industrial and historical character of post-industrial spaces.