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Trees are an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration. Colorful and black-and-white photographs and modern paintings of trees depicting spreading boughs and slender tree silhouettes will be the perfect complement to any home arrangement! Trees, full of symbolism, bring an element of peace, balance and harmony to the surroundings. Feel the power of majestic oaks, orange and brown autumn ornament and the soothing magic of forests immersed in tones of green. Choose a tree painting from our collection and delight yourself with natural beauty.

Canvas prints of trees

Decorations with plants bring a positive mood and good energy to interiors, transforming any space into a place of relaxation and rest. Canvas prints with various trees are a perfect example of this, and that's why they are so popularly chosen for private and commercial interiors such as travel agencies, cafes or ice cream parlors. Decorations with slender trees or just their leaves also fit well into the apartments of nature and plants lovers, who like the very fashionable urban jungle style. In the latter case, the best visual effect can be achieved by combining trees with real potted plants, as well as realistic wallpaper with colorful flowers.


Autumn trees Canvas

Canvas prints of trees are a beautiful autumn motif and undoubtedly enhance any interior and add an elegant and energetic accent to even a small, windowless room. If you have a large space at your disposal and you are not afraid to combine different types of decorations, you can combine this decoration with other paintings, as well as posters and graphics with a similar theme. A tree in autumn losing its leaves will look great together with a colorful picture of a beautiful landscape. In the bimago offer you can find murals with trees and their leaves in many different designs, so everyone can find a piece of art that perfectly fits their needs and possibilities of interior design. This applies to the look and size, as well as the production technique. There is a selection of images printed on canvas, in the standard and premium version, where the finishing with a special painter's paint further enhances the realism and artistic effect of the image. Perfect for commercial spaces and offices. Just pick the perfect Canvas print that will fit your interior design, order, and in a few days’ time you will enjoy decorate your walls with bimago's canvas prints and see your personal space transform in three minutes or less. Order now !

Paintings of coloured trees - gold, red and black and white

In the wide offer of the bimago on-line shop you can find paintings with trees in various colours. Its choice depends on our mood and, most of all, on the style of the room. A painting depicting a golden tree will go well with an elegant interior design. And also those which are rich in Baroque-inspired details. A painting depicting a red tree will be equally expressive. This stylish addition will catch the eye of visitors to commercial premises, with its atmosphere referring to cherry blossom and Asian culture. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the black and white tree painting. This type of painting can be used in the living room or study, as it will not distract or divert attention and will promote focus while working. The classic colour combination will stand out against the background of accessories in bold colours.
For bold interior decorators, an interesting suggestion will be paintings depicting a tree in 3D form. This type of painting will optically enlarge the interior and make even the smallest room spacious. In this case, the painting will be the focal point of the interior, so it is worth exposing it, hanging it above the sofa, next to the dining table or opposite the window. Due to the expressive nature of the painting, it should not be overwhelmed by strong accessories and their overpowering effect.

Black and white tree painting

Trees delight with their lush crowns and solid trunks. They are a symbol of life, eternity, but also of wisdom. The diversity of trees inspired us to create a collection of tree paintings that will allow you to commune with nature in your four walls. At bimago you will find, for instance, paintings with trees in black and white, which will bring a touch of elegance to your interior. Deciding on the picture of a tree in this fashionable and timeless colouring, you can bet on a minimalistic motif of palm tree contours, winter forest landscapes or delicate birches. If you have a larger space and are looking for a more spectacular decoration, you may be tempted to choose a tree painting on canvas composed of several parts. The tree painting in black and white is perfect for minimalist interiors dominated by geometric forms.. It can be an effective decoration for the living room or bedroom. Such decoration can also be used in an office or study: the black and white tree painting will not distract you and will encourage you to focus while working.

3D tree painting

A 3D tree painting can be an interesting design suggestion. Such a wall decoration not only makes the interior more beautiful, but also optically larger, so it is especially suitable for small rooms. Make it the focal point of your interior, and make sure it is well exposed. You can place the 3D tree painting, for example, above a sofa or in front of a window. It's up to your creativity how you use the tree painting!
When ordering a tree painting at bimago, you can opt for a canvas print, a premium canvas print or a decorative acoustic print. In each case you will obtain not only a visually interesting but also a durable decoration that will please your eye for a long time. Take a look at our collection of tree paintings!