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Forest Wall Art





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With the collection of forest canvas prints from bimago, your home will become calm and tranquil in a matter of minutes. Whether you want to introduce a forest landscape into your home or surround yourself with greenery in an urban flat, our carefully designed forest paintings on canvas will sweeten the atmosphere of any home. From the vibrant rainforests of South America to the tranquil, misty forests of Northern Europe, you will find the perfect environment for your home. Get inspired by the forest prints on canvas and bring natural charm into your home.

Forest Painting

What makes your heart beat faster? Spring mornings touched by a ray of the rising sun or the shade of tall trees during hot summers. Regardless if we're talking about the Amazon jungle, northern pine wood or a spacious beech forest, the positive feelings created by those places will always be welcome in your living space. You don't have to move away to experience this atmosphere and buy a cabin in the woods. All you need to introduce a forest landscape into your house, even in the centre of the city, is a forest painting. It will make you feel as if you were surrounded by nature and help you relax after a long day in the city hustle and bustle. A forest canvas is a great option for all people longing for a resting day in nature. Even if your windows do not open to the calming view and sound of the trees rustling in the wind, you can feel connected with the woods through the decoration on your wall. Paintings of forest are among the most popular decorations in the bimago store, and there is nothing surprising about it. After all, everybody wants to escape the busy life in the city and calm down in the company of trees and forest animals. A forest painting can be a great substitution for those who need to create a soothing atmosphere in their homes. Check the whole collection and pick a decoration with the right, suitable style that will put you in a good mood and let you unwind. Various colours, motifs and seasons - forest looks spectacular in all versions.


Forest Art

Every forest has something unique and mysterious that gets people captivated. We adore spending time in the woods, no matter if it's a quick walk or a camping weekend. It is only natural that we try to capture and recreate this atmosphere in our homes. Forest art is one of the broadest categories in the bimago store, as it includes the motif of trees depicted in various kinds, forms and colour palettes. You can choose the woods at sunset or early in the morning, still covered in the night fog. There is a forest canvas for the admirers of fall and summer versions of the forests. You can go for moody art or optimistic, vibrant, beautiful forest landscapes in vivid shades of green. The choice is yours to make. Forest wall art is a great option for everyone, no matter what interior design style they prefer. It's an obvious choice for rooms in the Scandinavian, romantic, Provencal or eclectic style, as all these designs draw inspiration from the world of nature. However, you can easily pick a winter forest landscape, with the dominant shades of white and grey, to decorate a contemporary or industrial space. Find out how many faces of the woods you can find, and you will see that it's one of the most unique and original motifs that, at the same time, suit almost any interior design style. You can even choose a piece of fantasy forest art for a teenager’s bedroom!

Rain Forest Art

We all adore the woods for their calm and slightly mysterious atmosphere, but as we already said, forests have a great number of different versions that will delight everyone. If you are more interested in more exotic decorations that will make you feel as if you were relaxing in a paradise, even then, a forest might meet all your expectations. You will simply need rainforest paintings to create an exotic vibe in your house. They are easy to style, as you can combine them with furniture in vivid colours and with bright patterns. Rain forest art is a perfect addition to interiors in eclectic and boho styles, but you can use them in other designs as well. Whichever decoration with the marvellous trees you will choose, you can be sure that it will be of the highest quality. Our canvases are available in various sizes so that everyone can enjoy them, no matter if their house is open and spacious, or tiny but cosy. You can go for a one-piece or multipart canvas to decorate the space and create a whole gallery that will transport you and your family straight to the deep forest. Your favourite canvas is available as print or Premium print, while some designs can also be ordered in the form of decorative acoustic panels. Bring forest art inside your home!