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4 frame gallery wall


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The sets of four posters or a gallery of four posters in frames will let you create a modern interior decoration that will certainly catch the attention of your guests! The important advantage of these posters is that they give numerous possibilities to alter the combination. You can choose a set combining four posters placed one next to another, or a set where the vertical and horizontal posters create a unique composition. The galleries of four posters from bimago are also a variety of motifs! Texts, maps, and landscapes are just a few options...

4 pictures on wall

The decision of creating a 4-picture gallery wall is always a good one, regardless if your destination will be an elegant restaurant, a beauty salon, a bustling bar or a busy office. The effect will always be positive and will never go unnoticed, you can rest assured. When you choose the 4 pictures on wall option you get a very important feature. Four pictures can be very easily composed into a gallery which has the shape of a rectangle or a square. And this kind of composition can bring an ordered, tidy feel to the room. Even the craziest of kid's rooms will benefit from this pinch of order. But make no mistake, the rectangle and square options are just the two of the very, very many. A 4-photo gallery wall, like every other gallery, has a crucial feature – it will give you a couple of types of freedom. First of all, the freedom to choose the components of your future gallery. Secondly the shapes and sizes of your graphic. Thirdly you can choose the form of your graphic – would you like it framed or not. Moreover, you can choose to surround your graphic with a tasteful passe-partout. And last but definitely not least – the freedom to arrange.

Hanging 4 pictures on wall

And the freedom to arrange is what makes a 4-piece gallery wall from bimago's collection special. Nowhere else in the world will you find the images arranged perfectly the same as on your wall. The posters are lightweight and can be mounted with the simple mounting strips to avoid making unnecessary holes in your walls. This feature adds another crucial asset to a 4-piece picture frame set. You can position them any way you wish, the only boundary here is your imagination. It has never been easier – just choose the perfect images for your interior design from our intuitive website, order and in a few days’ time you can start your fun with hanging 4 pictures on a wall.